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Work with us individually, in a group, take a class, join an online course, or buy a product

Personal Development

A Journey into Your Soul

A Journey into Your Soul

A 90-minute, one-on-one transformative experience with Michal. If you are ready to fully leave the past behind or to get unstuck – or if you’re simply looking for guidance, clarity, and direction on your next step, this deep healing session will help you to align with your soul-purpose and find answers to the questions within.

Private One-on-One Coaching

Private One-on-One Coaching

Private coaching is for those who want to resolve a burning issue or make an important life decision and prefer the full attention and accountability that a mentor can provide. You can work with Michal through Zoom privately from anywhere on the globe. 

Ignite Your Light

Ignite Your Light

A 6-Month, Life-Changing Journey to Breaking Through Barriers, Stepping into Your Feminine Power, and Creating a Deeper Life.

2022 program is full.

awaken your intuition

Women of Wisdom

New Beginnings Workshops in Atlanta, Charlotte, and virtual.
Awaken your feminine power. Align with your purpose. Receive your wisdom blessing for 2023.

Events – Webinars

Free Webinar for Empaths

Free Webinar for Empaths

Three Miracle Ways to Start Thriving as an Empath. I will show you how to protect, nurture, and care deeply for yourself while you continue to use your extraordinary abilities to help and heal.

Three Must-Have Daily Practices for Thriving Empaths

Free Live Webinar

Choosing Calm over Chaos with Reiki
Heal your stress and gain inner peace by learning this simple 15-minute practice
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
7 – 8 pm Eastern / 4 – 5 pm Pacific

Online Home-Study Courses

The Empath’s Empowerment Course

The Empath’s Empowerment Course

This course is designed for people who are empathetic, care about other people, and sometimes take on the pain and negative emotions of others.
The Empath’s Empowerment Course is the blueprint for shielding your energetic self and encouraging your gifts to shine.

guided meditations

Guided Visualizations

Our guided visualization bundle for relaxation, harmony, and manifestation will take you on unique journeys, showing you possibilities and solutions to issues that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


Heal, Clear, Protect with Crystals

A Video Course for harmonizing your wellbeing by integrating crystals with your self-care practice.

Chakra Balancing & Healing with Colors

A Video Course for deepening your understanding of the Chakra System and opening up to the magical world of colors.

Online Courses For Reiki Practitioners

Healing with Crystals and Reiki

A Reiki Video Course for expanding your “Reiki-bility” by integrating crystals with your Reiki practice. 

Lighten Up your Practice with Colors

A Reiki Video Course for deepening your understanding of the Chakra System and opening up to the magical world of colors.

Advanced Reiki Symbols and Mantras

A Reiki video course for clearing, grounding, and protection.
21-day reiki support

21-Day Reiki Support System

21 days of Reiki support with inspiration, accountability and structure to help you develop and maintain a daily practice of caring for yourself with Reiki.
For new and experienced Reiki practitioners who are looking for structure and support for daily practice of Reiki.
Michal Spiegelman with Phyllis Furumoto at a workshop in New York City

Advanced Japanese Reiki Techniques

Maximize your “Reikibility” by acquiring ten Japanese techniques that were developed by Grand Master Mikao Usui, and learn to Activate Reiki in a more intuitive and spiritual way.

Reiki Classes

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1 for beginners is a 6-hour class. By the end of the class you will be trained to give Reiki to yourself and others.

Reiki 2 class

Reiki Level 2

Our Reiki Level 2 training is a 8-hour class that will allow you to deepen your relationship with Reiki and your healing abilities.

Reiki Master Program

Reiki Master Program

Becoming a Reiki Master is an empowering process of self-development, the final step in your Reiki Training.
Develop Your Reiki Business

Develop Your Reiki Business

The “Next Step” Program for Reiki Masters who want to start or grow a professional Reiki business.


Chakra Balancing Set

Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing Set

Premium 16-piece Crystal Healing Set in Wooden Gift Box, plus an Online Video Course.

Stone kit

The Living at Full Power Stone Kit

A bag of peace, love & light includes five small crystals (Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Blue Lace Agate) that any Beacon should have and use.
Reiki Manuals

Reiki Manuals

Updated and redesigned Reiki Level 1, 2, and Master manuals. Printed in full color and shipped for free (in the US).

Why Beacons of Change?

We are all born beacons. Each of us has great potential and we are meant to shine our light and share our gifts with the world. As beacons of change, we are devoted to raising the vibration in the world. The more people that connect with Reiki, the higher the vibration on the earth is. We have a world to change and that change starts with us.