advanced reiki symbols and mantras

Advanced Reiki Symbols and Mantras

A Reiki video course for clearing, grounding, and protection.

Pay-what-you-wish $97

“My body became unstuck after this course which told me a lot!

My biggest takeaway was that no matter how experienced you are or how long your journey has been, there’s always something new to learn and a new way of doing things to help you along the way to keep yourself in alignment and deepen the connection. I really liked the format and the handout. I got totally immersed in the experience.”

Jen Burkart

“Thank you so much for the beautiful course.

I was actually not feeling well with a sore throat while going through the course, and it made it better. I loved the new techniques like cleansing the aura and the Reiki Shower and loved the deeper understanding of the symbols.”

Einat Shinar

Here’s what’s included in the course…
  • A new way of using the Reiki symbols with your self-treatment
  • Using the Symbols for a Quick Self-Treatment
  • Using the Symbols for Protection
  • Protecting your space
  • Protecting your car, home, or other objects
  • Protecting your sleep
  • Raising your energy level
  • Infusing stones and crystals with Reiki
  • Essential oils for clearing

This course is designed for Reiki 2 and Master Practitioners. 

This course is available on a pay-what-you-wish basis.
Pay what you’re able and what you feel reflects the value of this offering.
Pay in full if the full fee is within your means.

Get immediate access to the Advanced Reiki Symbols and Mantras Video Course

Pay-what-you-wish $97
starting at $35

Optional: Purchase the Living at Full Power Stone Kit
This option is available during check out. However, we have limited inventory of stone kits.

A bag of peace, love & light includes five small crystals (Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Blue Lace Agate) that any Beacon should have and use. The kit, as well as a printout summarizing the qualities of each stone, will be shipped to your home.

Advanced Reiki Symbols and Mantras Video Course

“I’m excited to try some of what we learned!

Thank you so much! This course was amazing! I set up a fun space for myself! My biggest takeaway was using the techniques to protect myself. I will incorporate and experiment with the different ideas we went over. I appreciate that you give us recommendations of traditional applications of Reiki, but you also reassure us that even if we do it differently, it will work. That idea helps me feel more confident with Reiki.”

Karen Rega

“I really love your voice, Michal. It is very soothing and pleasant to me.

I very much enjoyed the course. My favorite part was the deeper exploration of each individual symbol. My biggest personal takeaway was doing the moving meditation and realizing that I don’t have to do things perfectly, just with the intent for a benefit or the highest good.”

Susan Cothran

“Thank you to the whole team. What a fun and enlightening course!

I love the idea of the Reiki Shower and the different ways to clear our own energy field.”

Mike Hochman

“ I especially enjoyed being in a bubble and putting the symbols in the bubble with me.

Like always, you did an excellent job, Michal! Everything was presented well. The format of alternating between teaching and practicing was perfect.”

Wanda Hernandez

“I truly enjoyed the course!

I really like the techniques related to cleaning our aura at the beginning of our practice because negativity first comes into our aura then goes to our physical body!

Kajal Shyam Wadhwa

Get immediate access to the Advanced Reiki Symbols and Mantras Video Course

Pay-what-you-wish $97
starting at $35

Advanced Reiki Symbols and Mantras Video Course
About Michal

Michal Spiegelman is an intuitive transformation mentor who loves to work with people who are ready for a profound change. Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and a former social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities, such as Reiki, color healing, chakra balancing, guided imagery, and meditation, into her teachings and coaching.

Through her Beacons of Change sisterhood groups, private mentoring, classes, and live events, Michal emboldens women to live, love, and lead at full power.

Supported by the Beacons of Change team, Michal’s mission is to raise the vibration in the world, one woman at a time.