Ignite Your Light

A 6-Month, Life-Changing Journey to Breaking Through Barriers, Stepping into Your Feminine Power, and Creating a Deeper Life

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Six months, three seasons, twenty soul companions and one incredible guide, all working together to tap into the white hot power you were born with, and unleash the untapped resource of your highest potential, to restore you back to your birthright of a vibrant, ecstatic, whole life.
Join us for this 6-month journey as we heal, activate, and integrate new parts into our being, and together we will:
  • Uncover your blocks and heal from the wounds of your past. You’ll learn how to create your present reality and manifest the future of your dreams.
  • Reconnect with your inner wisdom, intuition, strength and feminine power, so you never stray from your path again.
  • Reclaim your voice, speak your truth and transform your relationships into soul-nourishing, all-loving parts of your life.
  • Align with your life’s purpose so you can share your gifts with the world in a much bigger way than ever before.
  • Learn how to become a source of light, not just for everyone else, but for yourself. Shine brighter, reclaim your radiance and experience what it’s like to live a joyful, exuberant life.
We all get stuck along the way.

Maybe it’s an unhappy relationship, a job you hate, an inner or outer conflict that never seems to end. Perhaps you’ve gone through a health crisis, a loss, a big transition you can’t seem to fully recover from.

Pay close attention because this part is important. This crisis, or challenge you are facing is meant as a doorway.

You are being called to a deeper life. This is your invitation to grow, expand, and live as the beacon that you were born to be.

Let Michal, Intuitive Transformation Mentor, be your guide as you finally answer your calling to live a deeper life.
This 6-month journey is divided into 3 stages:
Heal – Activate – Integrate

HEAL: Stage 1 (February – April 2020)

6 Private Sessions with Michal
Bi-Weekly teachings
Live, online sisterhood support

This stage will pull you out of the shadows. It requires deep inner work that is done with professional support to help you identify and heal your most painful, hidden, self-sabotaging beliefs and wounds. The healing stage is done privately with Michal through six video mentoring sessions. This is the real deal—true, lasting healing.

Topics we cover:

The Four Models of Change
Clarity and Intention

Meeting your blocks
Healing the past

ACTIVATE: Stage 2 (April 2020)

In-person event in Atlanta
Bi-weekly Teachings
Live, online sisterhood support

This stage will be your breakthrough. This stage requires energetic and spiritual work to help you bust through your blocks and leave behind what doesn’t serve you so you can create a new start. You will release the past, reconnect with your true self, and activate your feminine power. The highlight of this stage is a one-day event in Atlanta with Michal and a select group of women who are going through this program. *If you are not able to travel to Atlanta for this one-day event, you will go through the process virtually.

Topics we cover:

Loving your Inner Goddess
Breaking through
Reconnecting with your Personal Power

INTEGRATE: Stage 3 (May – July 2020)

Live, online sisterhood support

This stage will show you how to shine your light. Sustainable change only happens when you know exactly how to integrate all the work you have done in the previous stages and apply it to real-life situations. Michal takes you under her wings and helps you to show up to life in a new way so you can turn the deep work you have done into tangible results. Supported by Michal and by a sisterhood of women who have walked a similar journey, you get to experience and enjoy living a deeper life and answering your calling.

Topics we cover:

Feeling the Change

The Island of Endless Possibilities

Living as a Beacon
Sisterhood and Support

Even when the program is over, you continue to receive support for 5 more months, until the end of 2020, through monthly integration calls and unlimited personal email support from your guide Michal.

“The combination of the private mentoring and the one-day event was life-changing!”

“I was spinning my wheels for months at a time and getting nowhere. I wasn’t able to see that next step, and I don’t think I could have gotten the guidance I needed from anyone other than Michal. She is kind, knowledgeable, capable, savvy, emotionally supportive, open-minded, a leader, and so much more! It’s been so incredibly helpful and inspiring to have her as a mentor. She strongly taps into wisdom and shares her intuition. She’s practical and spiritual at the same time, and I always get my answers. Before traveling to Atlanta for the one-day workshop, I was really anxious. Going to a strange place and meeting new people was never easy for me. But the sense of community and support I received were amazing. It was a shared experience where hearing one person being vulnerable gave me courage. I felt safe and transformed.”

Jaelyn O’Donohoe, New Hampshire

All together, here is what the program includes:

6 private sessions with Michal—I’ll take you through a process that will make you clear about the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. I’ll teach you strategies to clear the path, uplift the heavy cloud upon you. You will identify and recognize what baggage you carry from the past—the pain, trauma, grief and anger—what energy you carry that doesn’t serve you, and then I’ll help get rid of it.


Bi-weekly video teachings and guided meditations—These include teachings on day-to-day challenges, like how to communicate better and how to find time for yourself, and practical tools and meditations to help you get centered, grounded and deepen your spiritual connection.


One intensive day of in-person work—During the 1 day event, I’ll take you through a series of exercises and process to help you break through the last blocks that are standing between you and where you want to be. For the breakthrough to be effective, there needs to be an embodied spirituality — an opening of your energetic system where you physically release whatever is still stored from the past. You’ll forgive, release, let go of the energy that is stored in your body giving you renewed space for love, joy and positive energy.


Live, online sisterhood support—Once you breakthrough and you are back into your normal life, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns. But I will continue to mentor you on how to apply these principles in your life, and you will get ongoing support from other women in our private Facebook group.


5 monthly integration calls—During these calls, you bring real life situations on how you tried to apply the processes and teachings we have covered and we’ll figure out how to make them work in your life.

You might think that healing your wounds must be a long and painful process. But when your soul is ready to heal and the right guide knocks at your door, healing can be easier than you think
—Michal Spiegelman

The 2020 program is only open to 15 women. It’s an incredibly deep, healing process that requires an application and a personal interview with Michal before acceptance into the group.


Here’s what you get when you apply:

  •  A free 45-to-60 minute analysis of your life that gets right to the core of how to uncover your blocks, heal, and reconnect with your power so you can enjoy life for a change …
  • ​A deep reality check that leads to an understanding of the challenges you need to manage and the gifts you need to express because you are meant for more.
  • Plus, an Intuitive Reading with Michal, on the spot.
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A $350 Value, Yours FREE!

“Michal: I’ve been thinking about you with gratitude and wonder for the work you do! I’m absolutely blown away by the changes that are taking place in me and in my life. I’ve carried around an (expletive) load of negative energy my entire life. Even though I’ve always been aware of the light shining within me, it was blocked by that darkness. Thank you for helping me clear the negative energy to the point that I am making significant positive changes in thought and action. I am loving myself enough to actually change. It’s so exciting! “

Carrie Barton, Idaho

Excited yet? Well, here’s a taste of the journey you’re about to embark on:

Imagine waking up on Valentine’s Day, February 14, knowing that you have given yourself a true gift of self-love. Special gifts and surprises are already waiting in your inbox. There might even be gifts that you get by mail, but we don’t want to tell you all the secrets. After reviewing your welcome package and the workbook, you can’t wait to have your first video session with Michal. You have waited for this day, and you can’t believe that you have finally found the right guide to walk this path with you.
You meet with Michal weekly, and you start healing the past and shedding experiences and beliefs that don’t serve you. The more you release, the lighter you feel. The work that you do has a ripple effect on your life. You feel more confident in your relationships, and you show up to life as the powerful beacon that you are.
Traveling to Atlanta for the One-Day Breakthrough Event is easy because your hotel is already paid for by the program. Even though you were a bit nervous about meeting other women who have gone through the same journey with Michal, you connect with your soul sisters right away. As you go through the day, each one of you is doing the inner work privately, but you feel extremely supported navigating your way with other women in the same boat.You enjoy some sightseeing in Atlanta, and on your way back home, you realize that something is different. The world looks different. Your heart feels different. You are happy.
You can’t wait for your video call with Michal the following week. You are so proud to report on all your growth, expansion, and results. You continue to tap into wisdom and to receive guidance on your path. With the help of Michal and your soul sisters, with whom you now meet regularly via video, you anchor the change you created. You’re amazed to see the profound and tangible results in your life. People start asking you what’s happening. You smile at the world, and the world smiles back at you. You don’t allow anyone or anything to steal your joy. And when you fall, you always rise—faster than ever before. You continue to shine strong and bright.

Your journey is not over yet. Even when the program is over, you continue to receive support for 5 more months, until the end of 2020, through monthly integration calls and unlimited personal email support from your guide Michal.

You ignited your light. You did the work to change your life. And now you get to enjoy the results.

“I always feel extremely safe when I attend Michal’s classes and workshops or when she is mentoring me. I know that I can trust her, and if I have a problem, I can approach her. The doors of support are always open.”
Kathy Goolsby, Georgia

“Absolutely empowering! I wouldn’t miss a life event offered by Michal! She has been my guide and my mentor for many years, and there is a magic that happens when she gathers women together in a room and shares her wisdom. Thank you, Michal, for being my guide and my mentor for so many years.”
Jillian H. Gilliam, Usui Reiki master teacher, and YogaCalm instructor

About Michal

Michal Spiegelman is a life change mentor who loves to work with women who are ready for a profound change.

Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach and a social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities, such as Reiki, color healing, chakra balancing, guided imagery, and meditation, into her teachings and coaching.

She splits her time between Atlanta and New York, teaching, coaching and mentoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been overwhelmed by so many trainings and programs; how do I know this is not going to become another overwhelming project on my to-do list?
You are not the only one! Many women tend to “overdo” programs, which is why they get overwhelmed. That’s exactly why stage 1 (Heal) is done privately with Michal. Once Michal takes you under her wings she will guide you in how to walk this path with ease and remove overwhelm from your life all together.
What should I expect from the one-day event in April?
Once you are done working with Michal privately, you will have identified your blocks and gone through a process of healing the past. Then you attend the one-day event with one intention in mind: to break through and activate. During the day, Michal will take you through a series of exercises that will help you break through your blocks, and activate your feminine power. You will be able to leave behind what doesn’t serve you so you can establish a new start.
On average, how much time will I need to give to this program on a weekly basis?
60 minutes during some weeks, and 30 minutes during other weeks. (depending on whether you have private calls with Michal, recorded calls, or homework to practice on). We ask for your commitment to practice the tools you learn in the program, but we also know that life happens, and some weeks are busier than others. You can definitely have weeks where no work is done on your side, because of something that is going on in your life. We care. We understand. We’ll bring you up to speed and make sure you are not left behind.
What if I start the program and then don’t want to continue?
We don’t recall women who started to work with the Beacons of Change Method and did not experience a meaningful and deep transformation, especially those who worked privately with Michal. We honestly expect you to realize within a few weeks, that you are in a better place in different areas of life. That said, if you wholeheartedly engage and are willing to do the work, and you still feel that you have not seen a value or change in your life once stage 1 is over, we will happily provide you with a prorated refund.
How often am I going to have a private session with Michal?
The first stage of the program is from February to April. During this time, you are going to schedule six 50-minute video calls with Michal during times that work for both of you. You meet via video, which means you can show up on the calls from anywhere on the globe.
What if I live in another state? Do I still have to travel to Atlanta in April?
Traveling to Atlanta for the One-Day Breakthrough Event is easy because your hotel is going to be paid for by the program. Since you’ll have the date in advance, you should be able to get reasonable airfare prices. If you absolutely can not travel to Atlanta, let’s talk, so we can explore alternative ways for you to go through the one-day process.
How is this program and the Beacons of Change approach different from other transformational courses?
There are thousands of women in our Beacons of Change community who have gone through a process of healing and transformation. Many of them are “personal growth junkies”— they read lots of self-help books, attend classes and workshops, and enroll in online courses, but the problem is they are unable to fully integrate the lessons they learn or to get to the finish line because so few programs provide personalized support for this.

The Beacons of Change Method is a proven, tested holistic system that has helped women around the world tap into their potential to live, love, and lead at full power. It works! It really does!

What kind of tangible results can I expect in 6 months?

While the process of living, loving & leading is a lifelong process, in 6 months you can have key breakthroughs and shifts in creating the life that you were meant to live. We expect you to see meaningful change and tangible results in your relationships, career, health, spirituality, calling and womanhood in just 6 months.

Here are a few examples of changes you can expect to happen during the program.

  • If you are longing for a career-change, or desire sharing your gifts and superpowers with the world in additional ways.
  • If you are looking at starting a creative project or another project but it never picked up.
  • If you are unhappy in your relationship and want to either improve it or leave.
  • If you want to upgrade your health and welling.
  • If you would like to develop or grow your business.
  • If you went through a big transition or loss and you want to start the next chapter of your life.
The 2020 program is only open to 15 women. It’s an incredibly deep, healing process that requires an application and a personal interview with Michal before acceptance into the group.