Private Coaching: Transform Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Take an active role in your self-healing process. Improve your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health so you can enjoy living in your body.

When we were born, our bodies were in an ultimate state of being. Potentially, we can live a healthy life nurturing and respecting the only place we always live in: our body.

Health and wellness incorporate more than just our physical bodies. When we treat the person as a whole and look holistically at different aspects of health, we understand that our mental, emotional, and spiritual beings, combined with our physical body, our lifestyle, and our environment create our well-being.

When you experience a physical symptom, you typically focus on getting rid of the pain and the discomfort. If you step back and observe your well-being from the outside, you might see that there is more you can do to support your healing process. Taking a holistic look at your situation allows you to identify ways to support your physical healing emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and environmentally.

I had been living in fear and misery for years: unhappy, unhealthy, overdoing, overstressed, and overweight. It was at my mom’s funeral, who passed at an early age, that I realized that if I don’t get help and get healthy, I will end my life like her. The weight was just a symptom. My unhappiness was much bigger and deeper. Along with the 90 pounds I lost, I went through a holistic process of change that led to me living a happy and healthy life, helping others to heal and recover with ease and light. My “before” and “after” pictures are here to inspire you that change is possible. You were born to be happy and healthy!

Let’s do a short reality check:
What do you do emotionally and spiritually to feel better?

  • How supportive is your thought process to your healing?
  • How is your lifestyle supportive of your health?
  • How is your environment supportive of your health?
  • How would you describe your relationship with food?

My philosophy around health is that our body cells instinctively know how to recover, and our body’s natural state is to be healthy. Stress, fear, suppressed emotions, responsibilities, overdoing, and the busyness of life drain us and create dis-ease, and these factors physically manifest in our bodies. Based on many years of helping myself and other people heal and recover, there is one thing I know for sure: healing is possible only when you take responsibility and are fully engaged in the process. Letting other people or medicine cure you must be supported by changing and improving the way you think and feel and creating a positive attitude.

I’m passionate about helping people harmonize their relationships with food, pain, and health challenges so they can improve their well-being and feel better mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to support their physical healing. My personal recovery and many years of experience as a Reiki Master and Healer led me to find the formula for transforming your body and health and improve your well-being. Let’s work together to allow your body to go to its natural state of health, and let’s bring some lightness and ease into the process of change.

I work with teenagers and adults who suffer from:

  • Food addiction, bulimia, and other eating disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Chronic pain and health challenges
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Low self-esteem and negative body-image

If what I shared here speaks to you and you are ready to explore playfully transforming your body together, please contact me and let’s talk.