The Empath’s Empowerment Online Course

Turn Your Empathy Into Your Superpower

Master the skills to use your empathy as your strength and secret power, release negativity and build healthy boundaries.


I’m Michal Spiegelman, the founder of Beacons of Change.

You’ve made it here, so you must know or suspect you are an empath or highly sensitive to energy.

Your potential is unlimited. You want to live a happy and healthy life. Being empathetic is your strength. But it also presents a struggle. You are an emotional sponge, deeply affected by negativity in the world. Along with the gifts that you bring to the world as an empath, you face the daily challenge of taking on other people’s suffering.

If you’re feeling drained, there could be many causes. The first step is to identify if your feelings are related to empathy because feeling the pain of others can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Being an empath myself, and dedicating my life to helping people live, love, and lead at full power, I have met many empaths, and I know how you feel.

We have a world to change, and the change starts with us.

To contribute to shifting the collective energy in the world and fully expressing your gifts, you must learn to release negativity and fill up your energy-tank.

Once you take this course, you can live as the beacon you were born to be and share your light with the world in a bigger way.

Michal Spiegelman

Founder of Beacons of Change

Introducing The Empath’s Empowerment Online Course

The Empath’s Empowerment Online Course is the blueprint for shielding your energetic self and encouraging your gifts to shine.

Who joins the Empath’s Online Course

People like you and me who:

  • Feel what other people feel
  • Care, fix, over-give and rescue
  • Feel guilty when saying “no”
  • Take on other people’s pain unknowingly
  • Get drained from interactions with others

Here’s what you’ll get in the course

Whether you want to set healthy boundaries, stay positive around other people, protect yourself from other people’s emotions, or stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, the Empath’s Empowerment Course can help.

This 8-module online course, with the videos and the workbook, will provide you with further understanding and proven tools to minimize the challenges of your empathy-tendency and use your sensitivity as a gift.

8 Video Lessons


42-page Workbook

Live Sessions

“This course validated for me that I am on the right path.”

“Lesson one nailed it on the head! I was able to identify myself as an empath and get a deeper understanding of my empath tendency. I got more and more clarity on things I can do to protect myself from energy drainers as I continued through the lessons. This course validated for me that I am on the right path and reminded me to be more consistent with practicing tools that empower me as an empath.”

Kim Kyle, LCSW, Georgia

“Getting the Empath’s Course was one of the best decision I ever made!”

“I’ve enjoyed the experience tremendously! I love watching the videos, and the worksheets are giving me a chance to apply the techniques to my own life.
What excites me most about the course is how I can relate the lessons to my own life experiences and people that I interact with. Very valuable and practical!” Cheryl Rosenfield

The Course Lessons

Module 1

Create Good Vibes
Many people are empathetic, but not all empathetic people are empaths. Learn the gifts and the struggles of a true empath.

Module 2

Manage Your Sensitivity

Discover the three things that MUST be part of your journey and the one simple truth that can become your biggest “AHA!” moment ever.

Module 3

Stand Stronger in Your Boundaries
Learn boundary-setting and how to shift from weak to strong boundaries in different areas of your life.

Module 4

Recharge Your Internal Batteries

Discover proven techniques to help you detach emotionally and protect yourself.

Module 5

Clear and Purify Your Space
Learn best practices to purify the energy in your home, office, car, and any other space where you spend your time.

Module 6

Clear and Elevate Your Energy
Learn about a powerful energy shifting tool that millions of people worldwide use to clear and protect their energy.

Module 7

Bring Joy Into Your Life
Discover the power of colors and the colors you want to stay away from if you want to feel and live in your power.

Module 8 (bonus)

Learn How to Shift With Reiki

Reiki is an excellent tool to raise vibrations, clear up unwanted energy, and balance your Chakras.

Bonus Live Office Hours Call with Michal

Join a live office hours call and get your questions answered. During these calls , you can ask questions and get advice and guidance directly from Michal.

Brought to you by Michal Spiegelman

Michal is an intuitive transformation mentor who loves to work with women (like you!) who are ready for a profound change. She  is ready to guide you, and hold you accountable on your journey to become free, light and fulfilled.

Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Social Worker, Certified Professional Coach and a Reiki Master, who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities into her teachings and her work as a mentor and a guide.

“Working with Michal gave me freedom and the power to be visible.”

“The biggest gift that working with Michal has given me is freedom. I was very comfortable in my comfort zone. Michal gave me the power to be visible. I changed my attitude. Now I am more secure about what I want and who I am and why it is so important to me to achieve what I want to achieve. Every time I need something, she’s there.” Brigitte Schaller, life coach and teacher

“The concepts are invaluable.”

“From a very young age, I’ve been aware of other people’s emotions. It wasn’t until recently that I began learning how to separate my feelings from someone else’s. I’m going through a lot of transitions right now, and if I didn’t have the tools I have learned in this course, I would revert back to some of my old ways of getting overwhelmed and retreating. The concepts are invaluable.”

Tyler Urborg, Tennessee

This course is designed for people like you and me. People who are empathetic, care about other people, and sometimes take on the pain and negative emotions of others.

Years ago, before realizing that I was an empath, I would feel sick in my heart and sometimes in my body after conversations with people who were in pain.

I would even feel emotionally sick after a dream in which someone I knew was going through a tough time. To this day, if I dream that someone I know is struggling, I can call that person the next day and find out that she is going through a tough time. It’s my intuition.

Years of learning and growing have taught me that empaths like me play an important role. We help other people deal with their pain and suffering. At the same time, however, we take on their pain, which is unhealthy for us.

Are you ready to get out of the rut of taking on other people’s pain, feeling emotionally exhausted and not using your empathy as your superpower?

Do you desire to feel free, light and fulfilled?

Don’t compromise on your health. Don’t compromise on your freedom. Choose YOU. Invest in yourself. Share your empathy with the world while enjoying life and the joy that it brings.

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30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My guarantee is simple.

You have 30 days to try the course and put it to work in your life with absolutely no risk whatsoever. If you don’t benefit from the course, email us before the 31st day and we’ll refund your payment.

What clients are saying:

“After a personal crisis, I needed a clear solution that would help me feel like myself again. Michal helped me to recognize my pattern of giving away my power in difficult situations.
Now holding my ground is becoming second nature—and I can do it in a loving and affirmative manner.”

“I was feeling all of those feelings that Michal describes as gremlin feelings: loss, hopelessness, anger, rejection, defeat. I wasn’t really looking for couch therapy to sit and talk about my problems. I was looking to sit and talk about how to overcome them. I’m a very solution-minded person so I needed a clear framework to get past my personal crises so that I could feel like myself again. Michal’s coaching made me aware of my patterns and taught me to stand up to difficult situations and people without losing my power. Now it’s becoming almost second nature for me to hold my ground in a loving and affirmative manner.” Sarah Ford, IT professional

“Michal taught me that change can happen quickly and instantly.”

“I’ve learned that change can happen quickly and instantly, and it doesn’t have to be painful and long. Working with Michal and the Beacons of Change method helped me to release, relax, and allow the parts of my identify that no longer serve me to fall away. I am finally able to set better boundaries around my energy.” Jacquelyn

“The Empath Online Course is very thorough!”

“I will be referring to it again and again, I am sure! 
These lessons are definitely keepers. Both of my daughters, my mom are I are very sensitive. Everything I learned, helps me to help and guide them. Thank you!”

Donna Pennison, Texas

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Click the button below to get immediate access to my Empath’s Empowerment Online Course

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May I be honest and direct with you, beacon?

I’ve been there.

I know how it feels to self-protect, to be emotionally exhausted, to run on empty battery.

Let me be your guide.

Let me show you the way to make it from bottom to the top.

I’ll teach your how to turn your empathy into your superpower.

And when you’re there, you’ll see that it is a priceless gift to shine the light and live as the beacon you were born to be.