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21-Day Reiki Support System

For New and Experienced Reiki Practitioners who are Looking to Develop a Consistent & Joyful Reiki Practice

Now with 21 Daily Videos and New Audios

Do you ever feel that you have so many tools but not enough time to practice them?

Are you ready to elevate your self-care practice?

Can you imagine yourself feeling energized, vibrant, and alive daily?

Creating a healthy habit of treating yourself with Reiki, even for only a few minutes every day, will get you started on a positive momentum.

Starting your day and ending your day with a Reiki connection will have a ripple effect on your life.

Start now, and give yourself a gift: 21 days of Reiki support with inspiration, accountability and structure to help you develop and maintain a daily practice of caring for yourself with Reiki.

Reiki is an everyday turning-point-tool that is very effective – when practiced regularly.

Going through the program will help you…
Learn practical ways to fit Reiki into your busy schedule
Start small and set yourself up for success
Receive professional guidance that will help you to develop a healthy habit and stick to it
Increase your overall sense of wellbeing by daily aligning with the universal energy
Bring joy into your self-care and healing practice
Discover easy ways to reset yourself mentally and emotionally at any point during your day
Support any detox you may experience
Balance your Chakras and your emotions
Who is this program for:
  • New Reiki practitioners who are looking for structure and support for daily practice of Reiki.
  • Reiki level 2 and Master practitioners who would like to reconnect with Reiki and strengthen their daily practice.

If you are not a Reiki Practitioner, please consider taking a Reiki beginner class. We offer virtual classes and in-person classes in New York and Atlanta, GA.

Here’s what’s includes:

21 Daily Emails
Receive an email every morning with a Daily Inspiration message, a Daily Reiki Tip, and a Daily Reiki Action.


21 Daily Video Messages from Michal
Each daily message is available in a video format, delivered directly by Michal Spiegelman.


21 Daily PDFs
Each daily email is also available for you as a PDF, to make it easy for you to print and save all the resources.


Short Chakra Self-Care Guided Visualization
A 10-min audio with soft music and clear instructions. This audio guides you through a quick practice of giving Reiki to yourself.


Full Chakra Self-Care Guided Visualization
A 30-min audio with soft music and clear instructions. This audio guides you through a full practice of giving Reiki to yourself.


A structure of accountability and support
Reply to the daily emails, share your observations, ask your questions, and communicate directly with Michal.

I truly enjoyed the 21 day support program.

I used the long version of your voice recording most every day. I believe that helped guide me and made me feel more confident when doing self Reiki. I thought each day’s written words were super informative and useful in helping me to become more comfortable w my Reiki practice. 

Lisa Dixon

Loving this program….

Loving this program as a structured reminder – morning and evening – with video, audio, and sticky notes, to keep up with our practice 🙏♥️

I love your daily sticky notes – finding them so magical!! I can’t say enough how much this program has meant to me especially during this challenging time in my life ♥️

Wendy Kaufman

The self-Reiki practice that you share was perfect for me today…

Michal, I’m on Day 3, and it happens to be a day when I very much need the support for soothing anxiety. The self-Reiki practice that you share was perfect for me today. I feel more objective and calm after the practice. As in I can observe and feel my emotions and then set them aside and shift to uplifting thoughts and emotions. I like the combination of video and PDF. And I appreciate the audio guided visualizations. It’s very relaxing to have the support of the materials you provide. They help me let go of feeling “responsible” and to allow me surrender to the practice.

Nancy Laulicht Seibel

For Reiki Level 1
Giving Reiki to yourself for 21 days in a row is the best way to boost your body with the energy it needs to heal and create an alignment with the universal energy.

Many people get excited to develop a new habit, later to realize that they don’t stick to it.

Going through this program has helped thousands of students to develop and maintain a consistent Reiki Practice. Our students report that supporting their Reiki Training with this program helps them feel emotionally stable, mentally clear, and physically vibrant.

For Reiki 2 and Master Practitioners

If you have gone through the program before June 2020, please note that there are two NEW and EXCITING features in the program:

Guided Self-Reiki Audios for Reiki 2 and Masters
With soft music and clear instructions, these audio are perfect for guiding your daily practice of giving Reiki to yourself, integrating the Reiki symbols and mantras.

21 Video Messages from Michal
Daily video messages, delivered directly by Michal Spiegelman, founder of Beacons of Change.

21-Day Reiki Support System

A Program for Developing a Consistent & Joyful Reiki Practice

Now with 21 Daily Videos and New Audios
Just $47

Very powerful! It helps me to concentrate on important matters and regain energy!

I started the program yesterday and it was very powerful! It helps me to concentrate on important matters and regain energy! Since I attuned 3 ladies on Sunday, I realize I need more Reiki for me to be able to be a good channel. Very empowering… Thank you!

Brigitte Schaller-Schoepf

I am a Reiki Master but I still use the Self-Reiki Guided Visualization audios often when giving myself daily Reiki. I attuned my daughters to Reiki as well, and they each have the audio on their phone and they listen to it. And they are teenagers! can you imagine?

Moira Clearly

Our Reiki support system is excellent!
It helped me be consistent and give Reiki to myself every day, and I feel different! Within the 21 days of going through the program, I’ve noticed that my back and leg issues have improved tremendously and I am pain free!

Julie Daly

What a remarkable experience it was for me, to get the daily emails and develop my daily practice!

I begin my day with a full self-treatment of Reiki. The shift I’m feeling is a profound sense of peace. Thank you for supporting me through this process!

Angela Scarborough

The 21-day program of support helped, not 100% but 1,000%!
Some days you addressed my specific needs, it was like you were reading my mind, and boy? am I eternally grateful.
I could not have gone through the healthy detox process I experienced after class without the 21 day support system.

Susan Porro