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Advanced Reiki – Home Study Course

Learn Practical Tools to Enhance Your Reiki Practice

This course is designed for Reiki level 2 practitioners and Reiki Masters who are seeking ways to deepen their relationship with Reiki.

If you are not a Reiki Practitioner, please consider taking a Reiki beginner class. We offer online classes as well as in-person classes in New York and Atlanta, GA.

What’s included in the course

The course includes three modules. Each module includes a training audio and a worksheet. The 3 training audios will provide you with information and practical tools to fully enjoy the unlimited potential of Reiki. With each audio you also get a worksheet with instructions and reflection questions to help you get the most out of the training.

Module #1 – Simple Ways to Practice Self-Reiki

  • Grandmother Hawayo Takata’s philosophy of self-Reiki.
  • How to use Reiki to treat the cause, rather than the symptom of the disease.
  • 7 guidelines for maximizing healing with Reiki. These guidelines are not covered during our
    Reiki Training and they are based on research and learning.
  • What to do when you stopped practicing Reiki and want to reconnect.
  • How to deal with times when Reiki doesn’t seem to flow.
  • Ways to expand and grow as a Reiki practitioner.

Module #2 – A 21-day Practical Guide for Distant Reiki

  • How to become so confident with sending Reiki that it feels your second nature.
  • The correct way of using the symbols.
  • A sequence you can follow to make Distant Reiki simple and easy.
  • How to integrate Distant Reiki with your busy life.
  • Clear instructions for sending Reiki and keeping track of your success in 21 days.
  • How to keep track of your success with Distant Healing by using the “Reiki Tracking Sheet”.

Module #3 – Sharing Reiki with Others in a Bigger Way

  • The main challenge that prevents people from sharing Reiki with others more.
  • The spiritual and mental solutions to feeling stuck with your Reiki practice.
  • What we learn from GrandMaster Mikau Usui about sharing Reiki.
  • How to decide if to charge for Reiki or not.
  • Practical ways to develop your Reiki Practice.
  • 10 actions you can start taking right now to grow and expand your Reiki Practice.

Enhance Your Reiki Practice
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