Guided Visualizations and Meditations

Our Guided Visualizations and Meditations will take you through a deep, transformational experience that will lead you into creating the life you want.

You’ll receive the meditations in mp3 format, so you can put it on your smartphone, or listen to it on your computer. You’ll be able to use the Balanced Life Meditations whenever and wherever you need them!

Good Morning: Creating a Positive Day at Work
This meditation will help you create a positive and optimistic state of mind in the morning, before you leave for work. It will help energize and motivate you to get the most out of your day. You will arrive at work feeling balanced and ready for all that lies ahead.
Tree of Life: Letting Go of the Old and Welcoming the New
This meditation will help you let go of issues which are hanging over your head. When you let go of the old, you create space for the new. You will feel energized and inspired to move forward.
Atop the Big Rock: Imagine a New You

This meditation will help you use the magic of your imagination to see into your future, to envision a more satisfied life, a happier you, 6 months from now. This meditation will provide you with an opportunity to step back and review your life from a distance. The vision of your future that you will see after doing this meditation might be surprisingly different than the what’s currently going on inside your head.

Real Connection: Reconnect to your True Self

This meditation will help you reconnect and get the support you need so you feel peaceful, protected and guided. You will feel secure in who and where you are at the moment.

Get Grounded: Step into your Power

This meditation will help you access your inner strength, get focused, and be in your power so you can tap into your true potential. The power of connection to the earth and its energy will help make life feel less difficult because you will operate from a place of personal power and confidence.

The Guided Visualizations have given me the freedom to open my heart and mind to the endless possibilities for growth.

Michal’s unique way of bringing Guided Visualizations into her practice makes working with her very special. The visualization process allows me to connect to my own creativity.

Elizabeth J.

Atlanta, Georgia

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Break Through the Wall: Release your Blocks

This meditation will help you explore your life when the wall is up and explore your life when the wall is down. What’s different? After exploring both possibilities, you may be able to put the wall down because you feel safer. Then you can connect to people on a deeper level.

Open your Eyes: Navigate the Sea of Possibilities

This meditation will provide you with the pause you need to step back and observe your life from a distance. You’ll see your current life in a new perspective, and also you will also see how your life could be if you felt more in control and in balance.

Fork in the Road: Making Better Choices

This meditation will not only let you see the alternative, it will allow you to experience on a very deep level how it will look and feel if you choose a different path. Making a better choice will become a reality for you in any challenging situation.

Get in the Flow: Balance Your Chakras

Sit in a quiet place, get comfortable and spend 20 minutes giving yourself the gift of balance.

Sweet Dreams: Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

This meditation will provide you with the “down time” you need to slow down after a full, busy, day and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Relax and Let Go

This meditation will help you safely and gradually let go. It will help you to release tension on a physical, mental, and emotional level. You will feel calm, peaceful and more present.

Simply Meditate

This is a classic meditation using the breath and the body. The foundation of many contemplative paths for thousands of years, this meditation will teach you to stay grounded in the present moment by using sensations. By learning to notice when the mind wanders, you can begin to retrain attention to return to what’s happening right now more quickly and easily. This can have far reaching positive effects on all aspects of your life.

Purchase the complete set for $97