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Lighten Up your Practice with Colors

Chakra Balancing with Healing and Colors

A video course for empaths and sensitive women who are ready to open up to the magical world of colors, deepen their understanding of the Chakra System, and bring joy to their self-care practice.

Pay-what-you-wish $97

You wake up feeling low energy. You go to your closet to choose what to wear, and instinctively you grab a black or gray shirt that matches the black pants you’re wearing.

A quick thought comes up – maybe I should wear a brighter color, but you feel so grumpy that you dismiss the notion, grab a black shirt, put it on, and start your day.

What if you knew which color to pick to create the day you want? And what if you knew the meaning of the colors you see within when you’re in the “Reiki Zone”, and the best way to use Reiki and colors to balance your Chakras?

Lighten Up your Practice with Colors
Here’s what’s included in the course…
  • The Healing Power of Colors & Chakras
  • The Characteristics of Each Color and Its Associated Chakra
  • Balancing your Chakras with Colors
  • The “Stair-Stepping Down” Chakra Healing Routine
  • The “Stair-Stepping Up” Chakra Healing Routine
  • Integrating Color Healing with your self-care practice and healing treatment
  • Grounding yourself
  • Helping others ground
  • An integrated routine for grounding

This course is available on a pay-what-you-wish basis.
Pay what you’re able and what you feel reflects the value of this offering.
Pay in full if the full fee is within your means.

Get immediate access to the Chakra Balancing with Healing and Colors Video Course

Pay-what-you-wish $97 starting at $35

“This course took me on a fun and transformational journey through the wonderful world of color!

It was so fascinating to learn the profound impact the healing power of color can have on our emotions and well-being. Through visualizations and meditations, I have learned new rituals to balance my chakras and raise my energetic vibration. By awakening to the magical world of color and introducing it into my life, I have experienced a subtle shift; I feel more empowered and more joyful! I am able to attract new light and energy to myself and reflect it back to the world around me!…amazing!!!”

Maria Gazzola, New York

“Thanks to you and your team for the beautiful course!

I have found your video courses inspiring and motivating to include more of these practices in my daily self-care routine. I love having a better understanding of how colors call to a person based on what we need. There were so many great moments during the course! Thanks to you and your team again for the beautiful experience”

Cyndi Washington

“Being able to add more tools to my toolbox was my highlight.

I enjoyed learning new ways to perform healing and self-care. The opening practice stood out. I had never touched my crown chakra like that before. I liked connecting one chakra to another chakra part. I liked bringing in the colors and learning how to add more colors to my home and life. The grounding techniques were beneficial. Enjoyed the candle exercise.”

Keywa Mathews

Chakra Balancing with Healing and Colors Video Course
About Michal

Michal Spiegelman is an intuitive transformation mentor who loves to work with people who are ready for a profound change. Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and a former social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities, such as Reiki, color healing, chakra balancing, guided imagery, and meditation, into her teachings and coaching.

Through her Beacons of Change sisterhood groups, private mentoring, classes, and live events, Michal emboldens women to live, love, and lead at full power.

Supported by the Beacons of Change team, Michal’s mission is to raise the vibration in the world, one woman at a time.