The Women of Wisdom Cards

A unique set of cards, empowering messages & meditations to navigate life’s challenges towards clarity, courage and self-realization.

Women of Wisdom Cards

Dear Women

No matter where you are on your life-journey, the Women of Wisdom Set warmly invites you to draw on eternal wisdom. It opens a unique way to connect with the transformative power within you.
Let the Women of the Bible ignite your spirit, nurture your soul, and guide you towards a life of purpose, joy, and self-fulfillment.

Ready to embark on your transformative journey?

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Women of Wisdom – Inside the Set

50 illustrated cards with:
Empowering messages & Meditations
Self-awareness questions
Motivational sentences

A Guidebook including:
Biblical Women – Stories & Inner Strengths
Guidelines for using the Set
Ideas for Empowerment Workshops

Women of Wisdom Cards
Women of Wisdom Cards

For All Women

A Journey of Transformation

A magical tool to awaken your intuition, deepen your connection with the Divine, help you acquire psychological insights and uncover your hidden talents.

These cards will become your trusted companions, guiding you through life’s ups and downs with grace, wisdom, and resilience.

A moment for you

Enter the world of the Biblical Women

Breathe deeply, ask for guidance and choose a card

Imagine yourself walking in the ancient Woman’s footsteps

Let the message and meditation uncover your unique potential and empower your path

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with ancient wisdom

$65 Now only $45
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For Therapists

An Essential Tool
This comprehensive collection of narratives, reflections, and insights equips therapists and life coaches with the resources they need to effectively guide women on a transformative journey of self-discovery.
The connection to the Biblical Woman – to her path, courage and daring, allows the patient to open up to new possibilities. To discover what else is possible for her.

Women of Wisdom Cards
Women of Wisdom Cards

For Facilitators

Empowering Workshops
This set opens a gateway for facilitators to offer uplifting and creative workshops. Paving the way for magical workshops rooted in Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious. Women draw inspiration from the Biblical Women as their mentors and role models, helping them realize hidden abilities. This encourages them to move towards a life of purpose and self-fulfillment.

Join the community of empowered women already benefiting from the Women of Wisdom Set.

$65 Now $45
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Meet the Creator: Judith’s Journey

Judith Jungman Saadon is a mother, wife, psychologist, and leader of women’s groups inspired by Biblical Women.
Her creation, the Women of Wisdom set, was born out of her desire to help women awaken and strengthen the power of healing hidden within.
“It is a dream come true for me,” Judith shares. “During years of searching, I found in the Women of the Bible a significant anchor rooted in ancient feminine wisdom. I was looking to create a way that would enable these Archetypal Women to be our unique mentors, to ground us, help us thrive, and guide us on our life journey. I hope this unique set touches every woman seeking inspiration and personal development.”

Women of Wisdom Cards
A note from Medical Intuitive, Spiritual mentor, Beacons of Change founder- Michal Spiegelman:

Drawing from my experience as a professional, I incorporate various card decks into my sessions and workshops. The Women of Wisdom cards are undoubtedly the most accurate, rich, and profound cards I have ever used.

These cards bring to life the stories and the voice of the Biblical Women. Through the cards, we meet brave and wise women, beautiful and resourceful women who know their purpose, challenge their fate, and rebuild their lives.

In 2022, a decade after consistently using the Women of Wisdom cards in my Journey into the Soul sessions, I decided to write this book. At that time, the cards only existed in Hebrew, so I felt compelled to contact the creator of the cards, share their profound impact on my personal and professional life, and request her permission to include them in my book.

That phone call in July 2022 turned both of our lives around. Not only did we become friends – or perhaps Soul sisters – but Judith Jungman-Saadon, a psychologist and Women’s Group Facilitator, shared that she was in the process of translating the cards into English. She agreed to let me help her align the English wording with the language used in women’s empowerment and spiritual communities in the US. I was honored to provide input and support during the translation process. When I held the English version of the cards for the first time in 2023, I was filled with tears of joy and a sense of pride.

I feel privileged to have been able to provide language assistance that helped bring these cards to life in English. I am fortunate to be able to incorporate these cards into my signature therapeutic session, called ‘Journey into the Soul‘.

The Women of Wisdom cards possess an ancient wisdom that acts as a catalyst, enabling individuals to access profound insights from their inner and collective wisdom.

Michal Spiegelman

Michal in sedona

Here’s what women who have attended my workshop and used the Women of Wisdom cards have to say:

My biggest takeaway is that I am not alone on my journey and that I carry the wisdom of the women who came before me. The way I think of myself has shifted. I am capable of so much, and I am worthy of achieving my goals. You’ll be so inspired by the strength of the women represented on the cards!

Cyndi Washington

Working with the card of Sarah, confirmed my intuition about areas that I wanted to work on this year to address my weaknesses and help me elevate my consciousness and my healing journey. I already feel a shift in my confidence level.

Laurice Jajeh

During a women’s empowerment workshop, we each chose a beautiful card and discovered that each artistic card had a personal message. Afterwards, we discussed the message we received with our partner, and found that it resonated with what we were going through in our lives. I love the cards and learning how to integrate what we learned. Thank you!
Lori Genderson

Choosing the Esther card brought me so much inspiration!
Hearing Esther’s biblical story made me realize that I’m on the right path and that I should be patient and keep moving forward.
Linh Dosunmu

A Perfect Gift

This set is an ideal gift for every woman looking for awareness and self-development. It’s the perfect choice for women you love and appreciate.

Uplifting Dialogues

Bring out the Women of Wisdom cards to spark a conversation about empowerment and resilience, together with your adult daughter, sister, or friend.

Inner Peace

In stressful moments, choose a card, focus on the ancient woman and her message. Feel her healing power and visualize goodness entering your life.

A Spiritual Ceremony

Set aside time for a spiritual ritual. Light a candle and draw inspiration from a message of one of the Women of the Bible.

Safe Space

Before starting your workshop, arrange cards in a circle, ready to use. Envision the Women of the Bible surrounding your circle with light and spiritual energy.

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Women of Wisdom Cards