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You are a natural giver. Helping others brings you joy. Whether you do it professionally, or it’s more like a hobby, you feel most fulfilled when you support another human being. But in the past few days, weeks, or even months, doing so has felt more heavy than affirming for you.

Do you recognize yourself in those words, beloved?

You feel like you have lost yourself and forgotten who you are. You know you are meant to do something bigger, but you feel like you have nothing left to give. The very idea worries, even depresses, you.

You start doubting your beliefs, such as “If you put out good, good will return to you” or “The universe has your back.”

Does any of this scenario hit close to home for you?

When you are in that place of being drained, your body might manifest the empty feelings by sending physical signals that something is off. Of course, you worry even more.

The hardest part is that everybody is so used to you being the giver, the rescuer, the one who has the energy, the answers, and the solutions, that you act positive and brave to the outside world while dying inside.

You’re aren’t alone, beloved TRULY!

Not only have I and many women I know been through periods of feeling that we have nothing left to give, but there is a blessing to feeling drained.

Feeling like you have nothing left to give is NOT a crisis, a setback, a holdup.

Feeling like you have nothing left to give is actually a blessing, a turning point, an opportunity.

What is the blessing in feeling depleted?

You are tired from giving. You’re exhausted from “seeing” deeply and from taking on the pain of others.

This temporary block is giving you the gift of pause.

Your body, heart, and soul are screaming, “Give us a break!”

It’s time to pause. It’s time to rest. Not only physically but mentally. It’s time to reflect. It’s time to focus on YOU.

The first thing you want to do is to look at your current self-care practice and change it so it matches what you need. In the Beacons of Change method, there are four types of self-care practices: stimulating, non-active, reflective, and creative. Read more about them and design a renewed self-care plan with this article.

Once you understand that need for a pause, a rest, and a modified self-care practice, you can then look at the spiritual aspects of feeling that you have nothing left to give.

What is the spiritual opportunity in feeling empty?

Let me get straight to the point because this is extremely important. The spiritual message is this:

  • This is the next evolution of your soul, beloved.
  • You are being called to expand.
  • You are being stretched into taking the next step in your spiritual journey.
  • You are being offered an opportunity to connect to something bigger than yourself. Something bigger than helping others. A bigger service and a deeper feeling of fulfillment.

A few years ago, while running a successful business and feeling fulfilled for making a difference in others’ lives, I noticed I was more tired than usual. My sacred work started to feel boring to me. (How is that even possible?) I felt less enthusiastic about waking up in the morning to do what I love most: coach, mentor, teach, and help women overcome blocks and grow. I’ll be honest. I panicked. I started a soul-searching process, and it took a few months for me to finally hear the message: I was ready to shift into the next evolution of my work.

I became bolder about speaking my message out to the world. I stepped into my full power, and now I help other women do the same. The Beacons of Change brand was born.

Here is the bottom line.

When you feel that you have nothing else to give

And that deep in your heart your soul is trying to get your attention

Pause. Rest. Care for yourself. Ask for guidance. Seek support and lean on collective wisdom so you can take the next step in your spiritual journey. Be patient.

If you feel you need help to turn this challenge into an opportunity and step into the next evolution of your purpose, reach out to me and let’s talk.
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