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Making Sense of Men: A Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from All Men

By Michal Spiegelman

Making Sense of Men

Making Sense of Men - A Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of LoveAlison Armstrong is the creator of the nationally recognized Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop. Thousands of people, men and women, single and married, have benefited from her exceptional understanding of men and their behavior.

Here is what I love about this book:

Making Sense of Men is short (a little over 60 pages, about a 2-hour read), large print, clear summaries, and easy to read with strong, straight-to-the-point, funny, and insightful information about the differences between men and women. Alison Armstrong puts a fresh, new perspective on the language men use.

?Ninety-nine percent of the confusion and frustration between men and women is because we assume we’re versions of each other. It goes both ways, although men are a little bit more forgiving. They allow for the mystery of women. But honestly, when men look at women they see a softer, more lovely, multitasking, emotionally-indulgent man. And they interact with us as if we’re men! Realizing that we’re not versions of each other meant that I needed to pay much closer attention to men than I?d originally planned.??
??Alison A. Armstrong,?Making Sense of Men

I laughed out loud when Alison asks (and answers) questions like: What is it about bottoms? Why do women criticize men? And I gained a lot of insight into Alison’s perspective on physical attraction. In Making Sense of Men she came up with the idea of the ?Adam Sandler Effect? while watching The Wedding Singer. She was shocked by how charmed and enchanted she became by this goofy-looking guy who develops a romantic relationship with Drew Barrymore’s character. Alison’s reaction to Adam Sandler inspired her to develop ways to nurture attraction in a long-term relationship, and she illustrates those ways creatively throughout the Making Sense of Men book.

Making Sense of Men will help you make sense of men, all men, in your life. Yes, I know, we want to be careful not to generalize, and we must keep in mind that every man and woman is first a person, a unique human being. But this book offers a new level of understanding when you look at the ?collective differences? between men and women and match those with specific people and personalities.

Indulge yourself with some ?down time,? and read this book! You’ll look at the men in your life in a whole new way.

Meet Michal
Michal Spiegelman

Michal Spiegelman is Medical Intuitive who helps women get to the root source behind disease, disharmony, imbalance, stress, and trauma-related conditions.

Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and a former social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities into her intuitive teachings, coaching and mentoring.

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