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Ignite Your Light

A 6-Month, Life-Changing Journey to Breaking Through Barriers, Stepping into Your Feminine Power, and Creating a Deeper Life.

Now accepting applications for 2022 program.

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A Journey into Your Soul

The Journey into Your Soul is a 90-minute, one-on-one transformative experience that can be conducted with Michal in person or through Skype or Zoom. If you are ready to fully leave the past behind or to get unstuck – or if you’re simply looking for guidance, clarity, and direction on your next step, this deep healing session will help you to align with your soul-purpose and find answers to the questions within.

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Private One-on-One Coaching

Private coaching is for those who want to resolve a burning issue or make an important life decision and prefer the full attention and accountability that a mentor can provide.?You can work with Michal face to face, or with the gift of technology privately from anywhere on the globe. Private coaching has limited availability and usually requires a 3-month commitment.

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At-Home Restorative Meditation Retreat

A Full Day Virtual Retreat for Empaths, Light Workers, and Spiritual Seekers.
You will emerge feeling rested, renewed, and re-inspired after a full day of immersion with like-minded people in a supportive, safe, and healing environment.

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The Empath’s Empowerment Online Course

This course is designed for people like you and me. People who are empathetic, care about other people, and sometimes take on the pain and negative emotions of others.
The Empath’s Empowerment Online Course is the blueprint for shielding your energetic self and encouraging your gifts to shine.

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Guided Visualizations

Guided Visualization Bundle for Relaxation, Harmony, and Manifestation.

Our Guided Visualizations will take you on imaginary journeys that offer unique views of your own life as an observer, showing you possibilities and solutions to specific issues that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Reiki for Beginners

Reiki is the most beautiful, powerful and simple practice of self-care you can learn. Learn to give Reiki to yourself and take an active role in your emotional and physical healing process. The emotional benefits of Reiki include being more positive, increasing self-awareness, and feeling more in the present.
We offer online classes and in-person classes in Atlanta and New York.

21 day reiki support

21-Day Reiki Support System

21 days of Reiki support with inspiration, accountability and structure to help you develop and maintain a daily practice of caring for yourself with Reiki.

For new and experienced Reiki practitioners who are looking for structure and support for daily practice of Reiki.

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Advanced Japanese Reiki Techniques Online Course

This course is for Reiki Practitioners at all levels who want to enhance their “Reikibility” by acquiring advanced Japanese techniques that were developed by Grand Master Mikao Usui.

The course includes hands-on video practice demonstrations of all the techniques.