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How Reiki Can Fill You Up When You’re Burned Out

By Michal Spiegelman

If I woke you up in the middle of the night and asked you, half asleep, to choose the easiest topic for you to talk about with no preparations, what would it be?

For me, the first topic that comes to mind is Reiki. I’ve been practicing, teaching, loving, and living Reiki since 1996. It is no longer something I do. It is part of my being.

Being so passionate about Reiki made it easy for me to say “yes” to Amy Zellmer when she asked to interview me for her Creating Wellness From Within podcast.

Amy, editor-in-chief of MN YOGA + Life and The Brain Health Magazine, and author of several books, first reached out to me in 2020 to expand her practice and learn additional healing modalities. The natural next step for her was enrolling in my Reiki training. We also did some private work together, as I supported Amy in the process of healing from the trauma around a brain injury she sustained during an accident in 2014. It brings me so much joy to witness the opportunities and growth Amy has attracted to herself since she graduated from our program as a Reiki Master.

Combining energy work with my private mentoring sessions has led to a profound level of healing not only for Amy but for many women I mentor. When you become an active agent in the process of your own healing by treating yourself with Reiki, the trauma is healed not only mentally and emotionally but also on a physical, cellular level.

Amy’s podcast is devoted to empowering her listeners to live their best lives by taking accountability for their own personal wellness. During our conversation, we spoke about Reiki—what it is, how it works, and how it helps millions of people worldwide to fill up their cups when they’re drained.

Listen to my 34-minute interview with Amy and learn how Reiki can fill you up when you’re burned out (among other pearls of wisdom that emerged during this fun conversation).

Would you like to know more about Reiki and take a virtual class with me?

Head over to the Reiki dashboard on my website and review all the Reiki resources.

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