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Are you the woman or the plant? (picture inside)

By Michal Spiegelman

When women go through the Journey into Your Soul experience with me, I take them through a guided visualization while they are in deep meditation and connection with their soul. Towards the end of the process, I ask them to open their eyes and look at some cards (the Ancient Feminine Wisdom Cards by Judith Youngman Saadon).

I ask them to intuitively choose a card that brings them a message and offers guidance. Then we tap into our wisdom and intuition together so that they leave the experience supported by a profound statement of clarity and direction.

Recently, as I took three separate women through their solo journeys, they each chose the same card. Their backgrounds are different. Their stories are unique. Yet the three of them chose the same card in the same week.

I got excited.

I realized the collective wisdom was trying to tell me something—a message that is meant to be shared with other women.

Are you ready to see the picture on the card and receive your personal message from the collective wisdom?

Watch today’s vlog (video blog) and receive your wisdom message.

Head over to the comments area, and let me know who you are in the picture.

Before I let you go….

Are you looking for clarity, purpose, and direction?  This link will tell you everything you need to know about taking the Journey into Your Soul with me.

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  1. Laurie R Oliver

    I see the woman as myself giving birth (her body even looks like the way mine looks presently) to my higher purpose and my gifts flourishing and being offered to the world. I see the pyramids surrounded by the lightening as the past that I rose from and the storms that are and were necessary for me to walk through to reach the water of cleansing and rebirth and blossom into the Light

  2. Amy Regas

    I am the plant with strong roots being nurtured by Source to grow and flourish as the sunlight (God’s light) guides my spiritual growth and illuminates my path. The clouds in the pyramids – I see the pain in chaos as opportunities for creating new beginnings and the lessons that obstacles on this path are the resistance I face within myself. The water flowing under us nourishes the soul if I go with the flow and learn how to navigate obstacles, resistance, darkness, or chaos on this journey. The path water flows to get to the larger body of water is where I find and commune with my soul tribe. Source is within me. I am guided and loved by so many – ancestors, ascended master’s, spirit, angels, and the Lord. Be open to receive and welcome back all the energy and abundance into your Life and Being that you have freely given. I am truly grateful. Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience!


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