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How to Trust in Divine Timing

By Michal Spiegelman

A sequence of events led to this vlog: events that I believe were orchestrated by divine timing.

Here’s the thing about divine timing: it’s fascinating. So fascinating that I wrote a list of everything that happened in the past few weeks in my journal.

After journaling, I had a mentoring session with a woman from our community. When I followed up on a previous conversation and asked if she was ready to take action, she said, “It’s not time yet. When it’s time, I’ll know.”

“Okay, universe,” I said: “I hear you. It’s time to record a vlog about divine timing.”

Today, I talk about 3 spiritual lessons related to divine timing and a powerful way (the ONLY way) to develop trust in it.

Watch the vlog and gain some powerful insights about divine timing.

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