Create a turning point

I remember the exact moment during my mother’s funeral when I realized that, if I didn’t turn things around and start taking care of myself, my future could be having a heart attack and passing away at an early age too.

This realization sparked in me an emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical transformation—a journey in which I lost 90 pounds and vastly improved my health.

Most of us view such major life events as turning points. You get married. You become a parent. You change your job. You become an empty nester. When we look back at these key moments, we realize that they helped us to pivot in a new direction.

Major transitions can naturally become turning points.

Another type of turning point happens in a crisis. You get sick. You lose a loved one. You lose your house. You lose your job. Many books have been written and philosophies built around the idea that a crisis can be a wakeup call—an opportunity—to start a new chapter and, in turn, manage the crisis better.

Lawrence LeShan Ph.D, author, researcher and clinical psychologist, has worked with cancer patients for many years. He has published twenty books, but the one that impressed me the most is Cancer as a Turning Point. LeShan guides his patients through a process focused on enriching their lives and living their purpose. The book is filled with real examples of people who used a cancer diagnosis to create a turning point.

His approach emphasizes the unique individuality of each person. “It encourages you to find your own best ways of being, relating and creating. Its basic questions are “What is right with you?” “What is your own best way of living?” and “How, given the reality of your situation, can you move more and more in that direction?”

Bringing purpose to pain helps to create turning points.

But what if turning points don’t just happen by themselves? What if you can actually create a turning point at any given moment?

Losing my mother was a big turning point that led to better health and wellbeing for me. But since then I’ve learned we must support these major turning points by stepping out of our comfort zones to transform the small moments of daily life into turning points as well.

You create a turning point every time you forgive.

You create a turning point every time you shift from resentment to love.

You create a turning point every time you turn a challenge into an opportunity.

You create a turning point every time you dare to stand up for yourself, even though your inner voice tells you to shut up.

You create a turning point every time you get out of bed even when you don’t want to.

You create a turning point every time you practice your morning routine and don’t make other things more important.

You create a turning point every time you release the self-judgment and the disappointment when you do skip your morning routine.

Every moment marks an opportunity to create a turning point

Beloved, help me change the conversation around turning points.

Start thinking, experimenting, wondering, and exploring the idea that, not only is every given moment an opportunity to create a turning point, but you deserve to create one.

I am devoted to helping women create turning points in their lives. Reach out to me if you need help.

In the comments area below, I want to know where in your life are you ready to create a Turning Point?

Is it in your attitude?

Your energy level?

Your health?

Your relationships?



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