Success Stories

Coaching Success Stories

I have the power to create the life I want!

Taking the Balance-Index Assessment had such a huge impact on my life. I remember seeing a little bit of what's ahead of me but feeling that everything looks so blurry. I knew that I was stuck but I wasn't sure how to change it. Coaching with Michal, using this amazing tool, helped me to take small steps and create powerful changes in all areas of life. I am more at ease with my relationships and less judgmental than before.

I am not afraid to take risks and I say yes to opportunities that I couldn't even see before. I am a lot more aware, focused and not taking things personally, which makes a huge difference in my attitude towards people. One of my biggest achievements is that I am finally organized and life seems easier.

Anna Rodriguez
Anna Rodriguez, Atlanta, Georgia

I have a more positive approach to life situations, better relationships and a much happier outlook.

Transitioning to an empty nest is harder than I ever imagined. The Law of Being program is a great resource, and Michal is a wonderful guide through the process. Before I started coaching with Michal I had a lot of worries, everything in my life was hard. I was constantly worried about my kids and worried something bad was going to happen. After working with Michal, I find I have more energy to do what I really want and less worry about all the things I 'should' be doing.

Laura Davis
Laura Davis, Atlanta, Georgia

I'm excited to wake up in the morning ? I can't wait to learn how to be a better me.

It has been only 4 weeks since I've started working with Michal and I am already so grateful. Every time I listen to one CD I can't wait to move to the next one. I relate to every word, I get so inspired and I'm excited to wake up and spend my daily quiet time listening to the CD's and doing the exercises. My husband is listening to the CD's too, and he loves it too!

Raelyn Portka
Raelyn Portka, Lockport, New York

Hiring you was a valuable first step.

When I started working with Michal, 5 months ago, my biggest goal was to fulfill my desire to share my writing with others. Within 2 months, I presented my reading in Miami Beach. It was overwhelming to me to experience a pure success that left me with an incredible feeling of satisfaction. The director emailed me that, 'you were the star that night. Everyone I have spoken to agrees that your reading was the best.' The entire show was videotaped and is going to become a show on public television in South Florida! I began to teach writing at other places as well.

I am certain that all of these [opportunities] are happening as a result of some of our conversations. I experienced meaningful changes in other areas of my life as well, including relationships, creating a healthy lifestyle, letting go of guilt and connecting to my inner peace.

Arlene Caplan Appelrouth
Arlene Caplan Appelrouth, Cumming, GA

I can see a real change in my life

My coaching sessions with Michal were so helpful on many levels, and after the few sessions I had I can see a real change in my life -- both in the way I think, and in the way I interact with others. I appreciate the insights Michal led me to, and know that I will continue using the strategies she helped me discover well past our time together. What I appreciated the most was that I felt she really heard me, and was so empathetic about what I have been going through. There was no judgment, just an open and honest desire to help me move forward in a better way.

Cari Newman
Cari Newman, Atlanta, Georgia

Exactly what I needed to get the first good night's rest in a long time.

I believed in Michal, her business, her concepts of energy, Reiki, inspiration, meditation, and coaching. I always have, but quite frankly, I didn't really think that the coaching applied to me. I am very blessed to be surrounded by kind, intelligent, thoughtful, loving friends and family. I really thought that those people were able to provide me with the feedback and guidance I needed.

Michal certainly proved me wrong! I do love the insight I get from my loved ones, but her questions, guidance, methods, processes, and thoughts were exactly what I needed to get the first good night's rest in a long time. I don't have the answer yet, but the path to getting there seems much clearer for the first time.

Heidi Einhorn
Heidi Einhorn, Atlanta, Georgia

I am ready to live up to my potential and to share my gifts with the world.

I am so grateful to Michal for helping me unlock my potential. I can truly believe the sky is the limit now! I am also very grateful to know that it doesn't stop here. There has been a pattern in my life where I have a great idea then I lose all my confidence and it fizzles out and I beat myself up for being a failure, yet again. So now I have all these great ideas and tools to keep me focused and hold me accountable.

I am really looking forward to each day now. I wake up ready to face the world with love and compassion, strength and honesty. It feels good. WOW! I am so excited about the amazing things happening in my life. I have been practicing my affirmations multiple times a day. It's REALLY working!! I guess my secret passion is done staying secret isn't it?

Jennifer Paugh
Jennifer Paugh, Tampa, Florida

Today I understand what joy really is.

Michal: I think you should start warning all of your clients coaching can be dangerous - looking at my life today I can't even begin to see the same life I had when you and I started to work with the ?Law of Being? Program. A few months ago, I felt like much of the world was against me. Today, I see the opportunities that are waiting for me everywhere. I am able to use these opportunities to serve those around me and lead a fulfilling happier life.

I am able to feel compassion for the people around me. So I think you should warn clients that your coaching program will take them to places they never imagined. And be careful what you wish for (even in the quietness of your own mind) because it will find a way to come to you!

Melissa A. Loggins
Melissa A. Loggins, Cumming, Georgia

The results are truly amazing!

As a business executive, I know the value of coaching my employees. So, when I needed help with my own personal situation, I pursued life coaching as a potential resource and I was amazed by how powerful this was for me!

Coaching enabled me to identify mental and emotional blocks that were limiting my growth and my energy level. With Michal's support, I broke through these blocks and now have a whole new sense of focus and a renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Dennis Tygart
Dennis Tygart, Atlanta, Georgia

Combining Reiki and Coaching together, in my experience brings quicker results.

The coaching makes you dig into your past and present and face all the negative issues we have allowed to control our lives. Combining it with Reiki helps you face them in a positive way, not allowing the negative feelings and thoughts to linger but to let them go in a loving way for yourself...

Patricia Burford
Patricia Burford, McDonough, Georgia

I was able to see clearly the belief systems I needed to shift in order to begin creating success in my life.

A great benefit I received from the coaching was Michal's support in helping me discover the ways that I unconsciously sabotage and block myself from reaching my goals. Another valuable benefit was Michal's guidance in creating the next manageable steps to take in manifesting my goals.

The greatest benefit: there are just times in life when you need a professional coach to support you and help keep you focused and consistently moving forward toward manifesting your dreams.

Dawn Goforth-Kelly
Dawn Goforth-Kelly, Zebulon, Georgia

I have learned to shift from fear, judgment, or taking things personally to empathy, compassion, and fearlessness.

The energy systems of the body are not something I learned about in medical school, but more and more scientific research supports the concept, and I was curious to see what my energy assessment would look like. The results of the assessment showed me that there are areas of my life in which I was acting from lower energy levels than I expected.

Michal uses these concepts in a way that is encouraging, honest, and empowering, and she uses her intuition to help guide me as I strive for clarity and balance in this next phase of my life.

Anne Brawner Namnoum, M.D
Anne Brawner Namnoum, M.D

I feel empowered and energized.

I was feeling helpless. The Balance Assessment gave me a new understanding about myself and what keeps me stuck. Before, I could not recognize what was stopping me and why I'm losing energy so often. Now, as I bring awareness to my old beliefs I try to replace them with new ones.

The assessment gave me such a meaningful insight I am glad I continued coaching with Michal afterwards. After each coaching session I find myself so excited ? ideas and energy seem to flow more easily! I feel supported and engaged.

Colleen Perry, MPA
Colleen Perry, MPA, Career Counselor & Life Coach

Michal is an amazing life beacon.

Each session, she intuitively shed light where I needed it, with a balanced approach between focused and nurturing. My energy shifted quickly, and I easily finished tasks that had burdened me for years. In 3 sessions a month for three months, I was able to face and overcome blockages that allowed me to reconnect with my (true) self, my daughter, and explore what joy is for me and how to have more of it in my life. When my energy is high and my heart is open, my possibilities are endless! With this reality, I am now on my path toward my best self and my destiny.

Heather Nygren, Atlanta, Georgia

My life is changing right before my eyes.

I am constantly staying energized, because of my change of focus on my life. I am overwhelmed with great joy today, and so thankful for your faithfulness in your work, Michal, which brought me great fulfillment.

Bridgett Echols, Carrollton, Georgia

Guided Visualizations have given me the freedom to open my heart and mind to the endless possibilities for growth.

Michal's unique way of bringing Guided Visualizations into her practice makes working with her very special. When I close my eyes and visualize, I am able to quiet my 'monkey mind.' I can relax and tap into my own inner wisdom and create a picture that I didn't even know existed. The visualization process allows me to connect to my own creativity (it will happen to you even if you think you are not a creative person!).

Elizabeth J., Atlanta, Georgia

I have become a big fan of affirmations and the positive impact they have had on my life.

I really enjoy the weekly affirmation and insight that Michal shares. Michal has a special gift for taking a problem, challenge or opportunity and coming up with a positive affirmation that is short, simple, easy to use and yet very powerful. Many times I'm amazed at the timeliness and how it seems to be speaking directly to me. By writing it down and posting on my mirror, in the car, and with my cell phone, I am reminded to take a break, repeat it, let it sink in and then go about my day and watch the changes that occur.

Ruth Petit
Ruth Petit, Atlanta, Georgia

Having coaching from Michal, especially guided visualization, is a transformative experience.

Regularly using visualization as a technique is a new experience for me. As a coach, I am learning to use this tool with my own clients. As Michal said to me, it provided me the space to shift my energy. A particular meditation she chose to share with me was a great fit for my feelings and for what I hoped to receive coaching around. Before Michal used the guided visualization I felt overwhelmed and disconnected from my true self. Using the mental imagery helped me to reconnect with my wise inner voice and reminded me of the importance of surrendering to the opportunities held within each day. I appreciate this gift Michal offered me!

Caroline Wyrosdick
Caroline Wyrosdick, Asheville, North Carolina

My biggest shift is that I stay calm no matter what's going on and I know how to bounce-back if I don't

I used to give myself permission to take ?time-out? only in a crisis situation, when I couldn't? take it anymore. I now make time for ME regularly and I practice the tools the program provided me with, every day. I allow myself to take naps, to mediate and to read a book without feeling guilty, and I feel much more centered, calmer and lighter than ever before. Thank you, Michal, for helping me develop Balance habits that make me not only happier and more aware but also a lot more present and fun to be around for my husband and my children.

Allison Bisaria
Allison Bisaria, Smyrna, GA

I love the weekly affirmations!

They remind me to stay focused on what is important. If I lose focus or if I have a stressful moment, I can go back and read it again. I like the way they are set up (affirmation at the top of the page and then the explanation below). It is the perfect amount of info -- not too much, not too little. Looking forward to receiving more!

Camron, Woodstock, Georgia

I don't have to be a superwoman anymore!

As a full time mom, a wife and a career woman I always felt stressed, not having enough time and feeling like life happens too fast in front of my eye where I have no control over it. Before taking the Big Shift program I always felt guilty for taking care of myself, for allowing myself to rest and had no time for exercise and eating healthy. Now I know that I don't have to be a superwoman, I allow my husband and other people to help me and I maintain a daily balance practice which includes exercise, meditation, doing things I love, listening to my body and cooking healthy. It's amazing ? life feels less busy when I'm taking a better care of myself.

Petra Vlcek
Petra Vlcek , Breckenridge, CO
Reiki Success Stories

Reiki has taught me to trust in what I know and what I feel.

The biggest change in my life since I took the level 1 training 4 weeks ago has been the way I respond to things/situations and the amount of patience I have with them. I haven't always been the most patient person and I have always had a tendency to react to something rather than take the time to think about it first and then respond. There is no need to worry about what might or might not happen, but to go with my heart and that "gut" feeling, that patience if I let it come through, will show me the way. Reiki is also helping me to speak and live my truth. Living my truth, even if it doesn't make others happy, is okay. 🙂 I've noticed how much more energy I have if I give myself Reiki in the morning and I sleep sounder when I do self Reiki at I do both!!

Kimberly Porter
Kimberly Porter, Leesburg, Georgia

The biggest gift has been clarity of thought and action combined with fearlessness.

My biggest frustration before the taking the Reiki Master training was stress from my work affecting my quality of life. After the class, I am more positive and have learned to be more calm and centered with my stress. Many situations that used to frustrate me now are turning for the better ? I am happy with the results. I am not afraid to face the future, not worried about uncertainty and ambiguity.

I believe that some positive changes are on the way and have committed myself to the universal energy to guide me through the choices I make.

Venkat Srinivasan
Venkat Srinivasan, Atlanta, Georgia

Physically and spiritually at peace.

After my training in 2006 from I fell away from daily Reiki self-treatment and receiving from anyone. I gave plenty of Reiki to family, friends and pets but did not receive any. My Reiki practice during this time could be described in one word - stagnant. As soon as I started going to the Reiki Clinics my Reiki practice began to change and grow. Not only did I start the so important daily self-treatment, but at the clinic I received Reiki for the first time since 2006. This was so powerful and I saw the immediate benefits. I usually tell everyone at every clinic that I get my best night's sleep of the week on Reiki night. Truly, as Michal says, it helps you to not do Reiki but be Reiki.

Patrick Barnes
Patrick Barnes, Doraville, Georgia

Very good for the soul!

There was so much to love about last night's Reiki Clinic!! First, I love myself for attending. There is a lot going on this week and it would have been easy for me to deprioritize something for me, but I knew this would be good for me despite the busy times. I loved being around like minded people in an open and caring environment. I really enjoyed being a vessel for the Reiki energy and helping others. My favorite part was that in the end EVERYONE was smiling and happy - even those that mentioned they were suffering in the beginning. What an amazing transformation to see. Loved it!

Amy Hollister
Amy Hollister, Atlanta, Georgia

No matter what life drops in your path, Reiki will help you step over it.

I have spent the past few days enjoying the company of my husband who just returned from a year long deployment in Kuwait. Our teenagers are thrilled to have Dad back and our sweet doggie can't get enough ear scratching. [My husband] spent a year leading soldiers in a combat support unit. I spent a year leading 3 kids through what sometimes felt like urban combat. This was our 4th, and hopefully last, deployment. The difference between this deployment and all the others has been Reiki.

If you fall down a few times along the way, Reiki will give you the strength to keep getting up.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Jennifer Paugh
Jennifer Paugh, Tampa, Florida

The Reiki training was such a beautiful experience!

After the class I felt energized and clear which I normally do after one of our sessions. I've been doing the Reiki twice a day and feel enormously better and have felt able to tackle some important tasks I have been procrastinating to do most likely out of fear. I love having the ritual of spending time in the morning and at night to get centered. I have felt less anxious in general during the day. I have especially noticed it when driving. Before taking the training, I received a Reiki session with Michal every few weeks. I always felt energized and focused after the session, and now I'm excited to experience similar results with the self-Reiki.

Kat McFarland, LMT
Kat McFarland, LMT, Atlanta, Georgia

Today's Reiki class was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

I just wanted to write to you while everything is still fresh. I didn't speak about it in class because words could not encompass the feelings I had. Not only were my hands hot and I felt tingling all over my body. I could also feel a spinning in my root chakra. I am overjoyed and peaceful at the same time. Thank you for the gift of Reiki.

Valerie Dotson
Valerie Dotson, Atlanta, Georgia

Giving Reiki to myself daily makes me feel stronger, loved, connected and more in touch with my spirituality.

I am able to help myself have a more positive approach to life and be less reactive.

Susan Tabnik
Susan Tabnik, Atlanta, Georgia

Reiki has taught me how to be happy and enjoy life... Enjoy the moment, and Just Be.

Before studying Reiki with Michal when I dealt with issues, I was handling them from a negative point of view and this caused anxiety, anger, and depression, and when it was over I was unable to release these feelings of anxiety so they stayed with me most of the time. It was an inner fight I was losing.

The best gift I could have given myself is Reiki. I have learned to give and receive love. Reiki taught me to love myself first and then share that with others.

Combining Reiki and coaching together, in my experience brings quicker results. The coaching makes you dig into your past and present and face all the negative issues we have allowed to control our lives. Combining it with Reiki helps you face them in a positive way, not allowing the negative feelings and thoughts to linger but to let them go in a loving way for yourself...

Patricia Burford
Patricia Burford, McDonough, Georgia

I feel immensely blessed and grateful for the class and the wonderfully gifted instruction I received from Michal and Dawn.

A few years ago I came across information on Reiki and I thought hmmm. Now I have a name for what I have been experiencing all these years. Yay me. Upon my journey at ASHA School of Massage Reiki discussions, energy work became more and more frequent. It was natural for me to take the Reiki training. Now here's the thing: The day after class, I had an immediate opportunity to practice Reiki on my husband. He had a headache that as he described 'it was as bad as one that required me to take him to the hospital a few years back.' He had taken something for it, but to no avail. I implemented the Reiki techniques on him and his comment was: 'I don't know what you did, but it worked, headache and queeziness is gone.' How psyched am I to be a vessel of such healing. I feel I have been sleeping better. The one night I missed, I awoke in the wee hour as I do every night, but could not go back to sleep. By giving myself Reiki for the first time in years I am able to get back to sleep.

Jill Dana Corbitt-Castillo, LMT
Jill Dana Corbitt-Castillo, LMT, Atlanta, Georgia

I feel so blessed by the gift of Reiki, and I love sharing it with my children.

My children are 4, 6 and 8 years old and I have been meditating with them for about a year. Since becoming a Reiki practitioner, I have begun giving them each Reiki before bed at night. We are all in one room and I start with a short kid-friendly meditation, then I rotate from kid to kid giving them each Reiki. I usually do 4 chakras on each child and then move to the next. Often they fall asleep before I even finish. It has become such a beautiful bonding experience and they say it really helps them fall asleep. I love that they already feel such a connection to Reiki at such a young age!

Kelly Hixon
Kelly Hixon, Atlanta, Georgia

Giving myself the love and tenderness I deserve.

Giving Reiki to myself every day helps me take time out for myself, to refill my 'cup,' so to speak. To live more in the Reiki ideals, which I have always valued, but have not always made a conscious part of my daily life.

Laurie Cook
Laurie Cook, Atlanta, Georgia

I learned a great deal of core value through Reiki.

I became much more patient, and learned to take a pause before I react.

Kazue Marion, Atlanta, Georgia

Never experienced anything like it!

Reiki has been such a gift to me! Last night, I all of a sudden woke up in the middle of night and had the urge to write things down. A lot of things I really never thought about, like a light bulb went off! Very strange feeling, but eye opening! So many different things have just been flowing out of me!

Rocio Espinola
Rocio Espinola, Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you for the remarkable spirit you've shared teaching me Reiki.

My Reiki training has given me the most amazing release ? Through the challenges of life and the health of others around me, the Reiki principles bring me back to center, reminding me to balance myself.

Linda Rogers Goodman, Atlanta, Georgia

I love what Reiki is doing and has done in my life.

I just completed Reiki level 2 class with Michal. Ever since my Reiki level 1 class, I have seen increased gifts. To name a few, increased income. After doing the 21 day detox program of doing Reiki on self, the next month doing chair massage at a convention I received large amounts of tips from each person that I worked on. This is the first time ever in my career as a massage therapist that this has happened. I was amazed and so was the therapist working next to me... I have also felt calmness that no massage can touch and a sense of well-being that is heavenly due to Reiki, weight lost, love, balance and most of all joy. I came in just to get my CEU's and came out with far more than what I expected. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Happiness, peace, and love.

Ayesha Sandy, LMP, Atlanta, Georgia

In a short period of time the class gave me not only reminders of Reiki techniques, it left me feeling relaxed, energized and confident to recharge myself and my patients with the lovely light of Reiki.

JoAlese Martini
JoAlese Martini, Atlanta, Georgia

Reiki helps me create work-life balance

Prior to the Reiki Training, the amount of stress in my work in the corporate arena was ruling was my world. I needed some help in managing the boundaries in how much time and energy I was giving to work. After completing the training, I am much calmer than I was before, less involved emotionally in decisions regarding work, and much clearer in what doing well at work means.

Theresa Schnider, Atlanta, Georgia

Michal's approach is very gentle, warm and caring.

She is passionate about Reiki, but not pushy. She allows you the space to develop your own relationship with Reiki while providing you the knowledge, foundation and tools.

Amy Hollister
Amy Hollister, Atlanta, Georgia

The shift I'm feeling since I learned to give Reiki to myself is a profound sense of peace.
So, grateful!

Angela Scarborough, GA

Taking Michal's Reiki class was an amazing experience for me. Michal is truly a master!

As a breast cancer survivor and a life coach with a niche in survivorship, it gave me a whole new window into how energy affects our bodies and how Reiki can be used as a tool to promote healing and overall well-being. Personally I have never been able to get into what I consider a 'true meditative state', but the experience of doing self-Reiki has provided me with that beautiful, peaceful experience.

Performing Reiki on myself every morning allows me to quell my anxieties at the start of each day, ridding myself of negative energy, and brings me so much more peace, clarity and confidence in my personal life and in my work serving and supporting others as I walk into each new day and each new beginning of my life.

Gina Costa-Goldfarb
Gina Costa-Goldfarb, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC, NJ

Reiki gives me the opportunity to?implement a daily practice?that fills my energy tank first thing in the morning, so that I have more energy to?fulfill my sacred duty in life - to connect, share, receive, and appreciate such abundance that the universe offers us all.

Heather Lowe
Heather Lowe, Life Coach, GA

Michal Spiegelman is exuding LIGHT and LOVE; she is passionate about sharing Reiki.

She teaches in a way that makes you feel as though the class is personally designed for you. Michal continues to be a part of our growth through continuous education.

Jeane A., Braselton, GA

Energy healing coupled with the healing properties of essential oils is better than any prescription I've ever received.

As a chronic back pain patient I'm always looking for new ways of managing pain. Over the years Essential Oils have helped me tremendously both physically and emotionally. Recently I completed Michal's Beginners Reiki course at NYIOA. I'm definitely looking forward to continue with my Reiki journey and take additional classes later in the year!

Joy Gant, New York

Before I learned to give Reiki to myself I was in a lot of pain because of my spine issues, and I was lacking energy and not able to get very much done. After giving Reiki to myself consistently, I am completely off pain medication and virtually pain free. Where I am now is a good and happy place.

Julie Daly, New York

Michal Spiegelman is an angel!

To say that she is a Guiding Light on my Journey is an understatement. Regardless of one's previous beliefs, I think an encounter with Michal will immediately LIFT ONE UP to be ready for a healing path of one's self that will expand to fill voids in others near and dear.

Linda Rogers Goodman, Atlanta, Georgia

I used to rush into things - in fear they will go away - but no longer.

I decided to study Reiki to help my family and I to have a deeper connection. The benefit was so intense I wanted to stay in meditation all day. It was such a wonderful feeling of bliss. The first benefit was that I was able to quiet my mind. Now, when I face a challenge, instead of my usual harboring and obsession reaction I am able to acknowledge it and let go, without being attached to the outcome. As a coach, going into sessions in that state is a huge benefit for coaching and my coaching clients.

Moira Clearly
Moira Clearly, Life Coach - Focused Direction

Meeting Michal Spiegelman was a life changing experience for me.

I connected to her on a deep level. I could feel the love and joy she felt in sharing her gift. The gift of Reiki.

Patricia Burford
Patricia Burford

Michal has a special gift in sincerity and wanting to serve others by sharing how Reiki has raised her up in enlightenment.

Sylvia Wray Welsh
Speaking Success Stories

Michal was so inspiring to listen to.

Her personal testimony showed she was very passionate in helping people change their lives. She gave four simple points and many clients took away tangible ways to change their perspective on life and implement easily.

Laura W. Wellon, Vice President-Investments, Wile Consulting Group, UBS Financial Services Inc

Michal was a terrific and engaging speaker.

Michal is a very eloquent speaker. We asked her to present to our clients and prospects for our event, themed towards anti-aging strategies. She adapted her research and coaching techniques to apply to our theme, and helped provide very educational content for our event. It was a huge success! Michal had a very resounding message to the audience and all the guests were enthralled in what she had to say. She summarized her presentation with key action ideas for the guests to start implementing her advice.

Elizabeth Foster, Registered Client Service Associate, Wile Consulting Group, UBS Financial Services Inc

Michal's presentation is very motivating and days later has been the hot topic of conversation in our classroom.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michal when she spoke with our students at the Elaine Sterling Institute of Esthetics. I immediately implemented her advice by taking control of my own thoughts, feelings and actions. I am determined to get rid of my self-negative talk and I feel confident that my personal and professional relationships will prosper because of my new found inspiration!

Amy Shultz, Esthetics Instructor, Atlanta, Georgia

If I were to assemble a team for a workshop or retreat, Michal would be at the top of the list.

I have been extremely fortunate to have Michal on my mentor team at the Hoffman Institute. Her insights, creativity, and knowledge and skills are of the highest integrity, and working with her is a true pleasure. Highly dedicated to loving service and compassionate presence, she listens to all her clients in high regard while creating space for deep shifts in being.

Tessa Alburn
Tessa Alburn, The Personal Power Healer & Coach, The Feminine Sound of Leadership

Michal's 'Overstressed or Balanced' talk was an eye opener

Before Michal's talk, I was not aware of the many factors in life affecting life's balance. I have learned that everything we do, no matter how great or small, contributes to our overall well being.

Lisa Hecht, Atlanta, Georgia

I love the happiness workshop!

The informal setting is very comfortable, and the info very interesting and useful. It is such a big reminder how balance in the body is so critical for optimum health and happiness. I liked the discussion about character strengths and the importance of realizing these and reminding oneself of them regularly! What a great idea to combine Anne's and Michal's expertises!

Frances Creekmuir, Atlanta, Georgia