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Reiki Training for Beginners

Reiki Level 1 Beginner Training

Reiki is a healing technique and a spiritual practice that was developed in Japan early in the last century. It’s practiced by placing your hands on or just above the body. Reiki is a dynamic tool for tapping into a larger system of universal energy that already flows inside and outside our bodies.

Reiki for beginners is a 6-hour hands-on class. By the end of the class you will be trained to give Reiki to yourself and others.

Virtual Reiki Mini-Retreats

Experience new ways of harmonizing and expanding your Reiki practice

Your Next Steps

Advanced Reiki Training

Reiki Level 2

Our Reiki Level 2 Training is a 8-hour class that will allow you to deepen your relationship with Reiki and your healing abilities.

Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master is an empowering process of self-development, the final step in your Reiki Training.

Reiki Lineage

Learn about the lineage of Reiki Master Michal Spiegelman. If you take a class with Michal, this will become your lineage.

For Reiki Practitioners of All Levels

Advanced Japanese Reiki Techniques Online Course

Reiki support program

21-Day Reiki Support System

For new and experienced Reiki practitioners who are looking to develop a consistent & joyful Reiki Practice.

guided meditations

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Treatment Sessions in New York & Atlanta.
Schedule a Reiki Session with our Reiki professionals.

guided meditations

Reiki Stories

7 Real Life Reiki Stories of the most powerful self-care practice that is used by millions.