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You’re not alone

by | Be a Change Agent

If you are struggling right now,
If you feel unsettled, sad, unsure,
If you feel lost or broken inside,
If you want to feel lighter, stronger, or more optimistic, but you simply can’t,
If you experience sudden waves of sadness and unexpected rushes of anxiety,
You’re not alone.

You’re not alone because many of us go through big highs and lows, just like you.
You’re not alone because even those of us who are masters in coping with challenging situations, even those of us who teach and lead others, all have moments of emotional exhaustion, doubt, and hopelessness.

This time is calling us to accept our humanness and imperfection.
To make room for sadness, fear, worry, and fatigue.

To be kind.

First to ourselves (and then to others).

And even when you only have a tiny spark of light in your heart,
Even when you can only generate an insignificant amount of acceptance and kindness,
Even when you can only find a little bit of peace and hope hidden within your soul,
A miracle happens.
Your tiny spark of light, combined with other people’s tiny sparks of light, generates a huge amount of acceptance, hope, and kindness that is being radiated to a world that needs light.

When each of us ignites the light within us, together, we illuminate the world.


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