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A Women of Wisdom Workshop

New Beginnings

Awaken your feminine power. Align with your purpose. Receive your wisdom blessing for 2023.

Just imagine…

It’s a cold winter’s night in the desert. The stars in the sky above glitter like diamonds. You can see your breath like a mist in the air.

In front of you is a tent, a tapestry of many colors. Hands emerge from the opening, welcoming you inside. You step into the tent and are greeted by a multitude of ancient women.

The wise women show you around the tent, and as your eyes take in its beauty in lush detail, something shifts from deep within you.

Your intuition comes alive. You feel supported in a way you never have before. Creating change with ease feels simple.

You are home.

Suddenly, you understand. Women are meant to heal in community.

Magic happens when women gather and tap into the collective wisdom together.

This Women of Wisdom workshop is your invitation to receive guidance from ancient feminine wisdom.

You can craft vision boards, state affirmations, and make resolutions time and time again, but if your choices aren’t anchored in a spiritual connection, it’s hard to see your vision to fruition.

The highest form of support comes from a combination of your inner wisdom and wisdom from the collective.

It is your birthright to walk this earth feeling guided, protected, and led by a higher source.

In this sacred feminine gathering, you will receive guidance and messages that can only be retrieved through the collective wisdom.

You will cleanse, clarify, and identify what no longer serves you from the past to embrace the possibilities of the future.

This is your time to start anew, begin again, and plant seeds for the days to come with the guidance of ancient women who have gone before you.

In this workshop, you can expect to…

1. Receive Guidance from Ancient Women

You will be invited to pick from a deck of inspirational cards filled with brave, wise, resourceful women: mothers, daughters, and sisters who were empowered in their purpose. The woman you choose will become your lifelong source of support to navigate life’s challenges with ease.

2. Discover your Sacred Lessons for the Days to Come

These are the themes you are meant to carry with you into the coming year. The ancient wisdom of your chosen woman will help you connect with these sacred lessons.

3. Create your Wisdom Blessing for the Year

This is the written statement you will receive that will become your guiding light, strength, and focus for the year 2023.

Your chosen woman lights the way for the other 2 pieces. Her ancient feminine wisdom will reconnect you with your true self, realign you with your soul, and empower you to deepen your connection with your inner guidance.

These 3 pieces-your guide, lesson, and blessing will become a tangible source of strength, encouragement, and focus to help you navigate the New Year feeling guided and supported.

Inside Michal’s Wisdom Bag… 

Michal will bring a bag filled with meditations, guided imagery, inspirational cards, and other tools to tap into your inner wisdom and the collective wisdom in this gathering.

The Wisdom of Women deck is a set of inspirational cards that brings ancient women from the past to the present as a source of guidance for us today.

We will enter the “tent” to hear their stories, voices, and experiences and discover how their wisdom can guide us today.

Together, we will listen to their life lessons, and allow them to awaken our forgotten feminine intuition.

The ancient woman you choose will accompany you on your unique journey of spiritual growth, planting the seeds for a future where you can rebuild your life anew.

The New Year is a new opportunity to say “Yes” to starting over.
Are you ready to discover the new beginnings waiting for you?

Women of Wisdom
Virtual Workshop

February 5, 2023
2 – 5 pm

Only $47

“I can’t believe how much I came away with after this workshop.

I have been trying to run from the fact that I am here to walk a spiritual path. I used to tell myself that business is hard and that I had to reach a certain level of corporate success to be “successful.”

This workshop illuminated my path forward and helped me make sense of so much in the last few years. My perspective has shifted; I’m taking more time to develop my business and leaving inspired to delve into my next chapter.”

Carmen Seda, Atlanta

“I would bring all my female friends to this workshop!

Where one or more gather, Spirit will be. When you join this gathering, you will raise your vibration and consciousness and feel the love, support, and vulnerability of everyone there. You can be your authentic self with no judgment as you participate in group activities that bring you closer to your feminine essence.

We all need a community of like-minded, open-hearted women who understand the joys and difficulties of life. I think we forget how much power there is in being an empath. These women are very wise and more powerful than they give themselves credit for. I enjoyed the experience so much and wouldn’t change a thing!”

Linh Dosunmu, Atlanta

“You HAVE to go to the Women of Wisdom Workshop!

I learned so much during this gathering: I’m an amazing woman, can accomplish anything, and am unstoppable! I learned about different ways to look at my future goals and new perspectives on healing trauma that I wasn’t even aware of.

I left the workshop high on life! The Beacons of Change Team means so much to me, and I find comfort in knowing that they are just a text away.”

Pilar Catlin, Georgia

“It was a beautiful deep, and creative experience.

The Women of Wisdom Workshop helped me uncover truths and insights about my journey here on earth as a divinely feminine creature. I loved tapping into the strength and wisdom of ancient women. The collective wisdom “library” is a treasure that should be shared more with women who are open to receiving the knowledge!”

Maria Gazzola, New York

“A safe space with like-minded women seeking their purpose in life.

This workshop helps you develop a statement to focus on throughout your healing journey while reflecting on messages from ancient Biblical women. The card I chose confirmed my intuition about areas I wanted to focus on this year, addressed my weaknesses, and elevated my consciousness. Above all, it increased my confidence in myself! ”

Lourice Jajeh, Atlanta

“I am so much more confident in listening to my intuition!

I loved being part of a community of women in this workshop. I made new friends and am already in the process of acting on my intuition and the guidance I received. It was inspiring, full of insight and feminine connection. My thanks and gratitude for this experience!”

Julie Demenkow, Atlanta

“It made me feel like I came home to myself.

Being surrounded by women like me, diving deep into themselves, brought a collective healing and unity. It was a profound experience. The universe has so many messages for us if we will just be open to receiving them and letting our intuition speak!”

DJ Kesner, Kentucky

“An amazing experience that helped clarify my goals.

This workshop helped reinforce my vision for myself and what I should be doing with my life. I learned that I am not alone and can consistently pursue my vision. Thank you for a wonderful day. !”

Kathy Heller, Atlanta

“You’ll be inspired and make new friends!

I came away from this workshop filled with inspiration and ideas on using these cards’ wisdom. I think of when I did “A Journey Into Your Soul” with Michal often and how these cards remind me that I’m a strong woman.

My biggest takeaway is that I am not alone on my journey and that I carry the wisdom of the women who came before me. The way I think of myself has shifted. I am capable of so much, and I am worthy of achieving my goals. You’ll be so inspired by the strength of the women represented on the cards and of the women in attendance!”

Cyndi Washington, Georgia

“Confirmation that I’m on the right track and following my destiny.

This workshop was amazing! The community of women was so uplifting. It feels good knowing that you aren’t going through anything alone. My biggest takeaway was learning to listen to my intuition more. Everything about the workshop was present in my visions and dreams. My clarity and confidence have already shifted!”

Adrienne Gibson, Atlanta

“My life will never be the same.

I want to thank all the wonderful ladies who participated in this special workshop. And thank you, Michal, and your amazing team for making it an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my days.”

Maureen Long, New Jersey

Here are some photos from previous workshops. The next photo could be of you!

Women of wisdom workshop
Women of wisdom workshop
Women of wisdom workshop
Women of wisdom workshop
Women of wisdom workshop
Women of wisdom workshop
The Women of Wisdom workshop will be held throughout the year with a different focus for each season.

Winter-New Beginnings
Spring-Blooming Into Your True Self
Fall-Stepping Into Your Full Power

If you are interested in hosting a Women of Wisdom workshop in your area please email Rachel at [email protected]

Meet Michal
Michal Spiegelman

Michal Spiegelman is Medical Intuitive and a Spiritual Mentor who helps women get to the root source behind disease, disharmony, imbalance, stress, and trauma-related conditions.

Using the Beacons of Change Holistic Healing Method she developed, Michal guides women to work through resistance, fear, and trauma so they can live, love & lead at full power.

Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and a former social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities, such as Reiki, color healing, chakra balancing, guided imagery, and meditation, into her intuitive teachings, coaching and mentoring.

Through her Beacons of Change sisterhood groups, private mentoring, classes, and live events, and supported by the Beacons of Change team, Michal’s mission is to raise the vibration in the world, one woman at a time.