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Winter Solstice: Let’s jump into the darkness

By Michal Spiegelman

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.” – Mary Oliver

It was winter solstice in the northern hemisphere this past week. The days become shorter and the night longer. This time of the year presents us with an opportunity to better understand the gentle “dance” between darkness and light.

Currently, many women feel heavier emotionally.  One woman who lives in Australia shared with me that even though it is summer solstice for her, she still feels and affected by the heavy energy on the planet.

Light needs darkness.

Once we honor the darkness, light can emerge.

This time is calling us to embrace the darkness.

We are habitually trained to avoid the darkness. We learned to feel disempowered by the darkness, and even seasonal darkness can trigger a more internal, emotional darkness.

How can we change our relationship with darkness and let it nurture us? I presented inspiring ideas and a powerful practice during a Facebook live I hosted earlier this week.

I want to share the recording of the Facebook Live I hosted in the Thriving Empath Facebook Group for Women.

I recorded the broadcasting so I could share it with the beacons in our community (whether you are on Facebook or not).

Ready to go through a practice of honoring the darkness?

Watch the recording now: and let’s jump into the darkness!

Here are a few of the comments from the broadcast:

Melody: “I was almost inconsolable, and it felt the past few days like I needed to purge some darkness. That did help, and I do feel better, thank you.” 

Wendy: “Healthy to turn towards the darkness …process to get to the light. Such a fabulous query!”

Julie: “Shadow work is SO IMPORTANT!”

Lisa: “I was getting so lost in who’s emotions I was feeling, mine or theirs. I needed this lesson. Thank you for sharing.”

And what was your experience like going through the practice?

Please share in the comments’ area.

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