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I was speaking with a client the other day, and she talked about the overwhelming amount of noise around her. There were too many emails in her inbox, too much mail in her mailbox; to make a long story short, there was just too much information in general. She was experiencing overstimulation.

Interesting enough, this seemed to be the running theme this week in almost every conversation. One of the beacons in the Inner Circle talked about doing too much personal growth and feeling the need to pause. Yes, pause, even with personal growth!

We live in a world where there is access to so much and with the right resources, many things we desire can be accessed at click of a button. Having so many choices and being pulled in so many directions can lead to overstimulation.

During the summer, the days are longer; there is more sun, more heat, more festivals, tons of concerts and events, and while this external stimulation can be fun, there are also consequences we can’t deny when we live in such an overstimulated world.

You go to a restaurant with your family. The place is packed. The music is loud, there might even be a few TV screens, people are talking (or screaming), and it’s hard to even have a decent conversation with your family members.

I?ll be honest: I live in New York. One of the most stimulating cities in the world. And I LOVE it. I’m also very aware that if I overdo it (New York), I can easily lack what we all lack when we are overstimulated.

Overstimulation leads to lack of space.

Space to exhale. Space to inhale. Space to breathe.? Space to connect with our inner light.

Overstimulation leads to lack of peace.

Peace of mind. Peace of body. Peace of soul.

Overstimulation leads to lack of joy.

We get caught up in the overwhelming feeling and forget to en-joy!

Overstimulation and Summertime

Do you remember the Ella Fitzgerald?s song Summertime?

?Summertime and the livin’ is easy? sings Fitzgerald.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were less stimulated this summer and you made more room for peace and joy? Wouldn’t it be great if you made your life easier and more spacious in the next few months?

Not only would it feel better to be less stimulated, it would also be healthier emotionally and physically for you. You need all the energy you can get to deal with the heat, with the distracted routine (even if you love the summer routine, it is still different and less structured), with body image and with family dynamic. The last thing your body needs is to lose energy over tension, stress and overwhelm.

Do yourself a favor and be more aware. Pay attention to how much stimulation you have around you. Notice what energizes and what drains you. Start thinking about the consequences of living in this overstimulating world. Don’t make rushed decisions! First ? get aware and reflect.

In the next few weeks, I am going to share ideas that will make your summertime easier while still honoring your desires. There are some great ideas ?cooking? in my brain now and I can’t wait to share them.

Speaking about honoring your desires?

I had one of the most vibrant, energetic and fun conversations I’ve had in a while with my friend Patti. The conversation was about honoring our desires, our dreams and creating an alignment. Alignment with our true-self. Alignment with our true-desires. Alignment with our hearts. It wasn’t a private talk, there were other women that participated in this conversation when we hosted the Align your Life Webinar: 3 Steps to Living on Purpose.

The feedback was so great, that I am sharing the recording with you, so watch it (only if you are not overstimulated right now!) and get inspired.

Click to watch the Align your Life Webinar with Michal Spiegelman and Patti Keating.

What speaks to you in this message? I would love to hear from you in the comment’s area below.