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Why learn Reiki and what are the different Reiki levels?

By Michal Spiegelman

In a nutshell, Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that focuses on moving universal life energy to support natural healing process. Reiki can do no harm and it works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. One of the amazing facts about Reiki is that anyone can become a Reiki practitioner and deliver this energy to themselves as well as to others.

Reiki Level 1

At the end of Reiki Level 1 Class, you will have the ability to give Reiki to yourself as well as to others. I honestly feel that self Reiki is one of the gifts God gave to humanity. It is so simple and yet so powerful: You place your hands gently over your energy centers, and you stimulate your body with this pure universal energy that it is out there, everywhere.

Your body will direct the energy to wherever it needs to go at that moment. You will be amazed as to how calming and energizing it is, especially if you give yourself a few minutes of Reiki every day. Although people have different reactions, most people feel very calm right after the Reiki and feel energized and joyful later.

Some Reiki Masters teach Level 1 and Level 2 combined. I prefer to allow my students to enjoy a gradual learning process with Reiki and I usually recommend taking 1-2 months break between the levels. During this time, I encourage my students to give Reiki to themselves daily. Even though I am practicing Reiki for over 15 years, I am still amazed to see the changes that people experience in their lives when they practice Reiki daily on themselves.

Reiki level 2

You will take a Reiki Level 2 Class for two main reasons: when you wish to expand your knowledge and your ability to channel Reiki and when you wish to perform Distant Reiki healing. In Level 2, you learn 3 techniques to empower and increase your Reiki ability.

For me personally, learning the distant healing technique was a turning point in my life and since then I am sending Reiki to my friends and family members all over the world as well as sending Reiki to situations and events in my life.

Reiki Master

I believe that to reach the level of mastery in Reiki, practitioners must practice and have a dynamic relationship with the Reiki energy. Mastership must be earned. A teacher can only provide the knowledge and tools but it is the practitioner who needs to invest energy and time in working with Reiki. I usually recommend taking the Reiki Master Class at least 3 months after Level 2 and 5 to 6 months after Level 1.

I hope that by now you are at least curious about Reiki. It is truly a gift to humanity and I am honored to be part of this gift. Please post a question if you have or send me an email.

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