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Why I didn’t teach Virtual Reiki Classes, and what changed my mind

By Michal Spiegelman

I recently received a thought-provoking email from Sherry that I want to tell you about.

She asked me why I was teaching virtual Reiki classes when I previously told her that Reiki must be learned in person.

She reminded me that when we last spoke six years ago, I’d told her that only a Reiki Master could attune someone to Reiki, and that process had to be in person.

What I told her years ago seemed to contradict what I was doing now.

Sherry was right. Six years ago, I did believe that Reiki must be taught in person.

But then, something powerful happened.

A little background on Sherry-she really wanted to learn Reiki when we first spoke, but life, being a mom of five, and Covid took over. Now, she was in a place where she could take the class, but she needed an explanation on why I was teaching virtually now.

I live by the Reiki Principle “Just for today, live honestly.” So, I shared my honest story with Sherry.

Watch this vlog and hear the truth about why I said NO to teaching virtual Reiki classes (at first) and what made me change my mind

Have you ever believed something for years, then something happened that changed your mind completely?

Share in the comments. And if my message resonates with you and you wish to learn Reiki with me read here about my upcoming Reiki class. 

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