What your invisible flag says about youHow do you present yourself to the world?
What is the core message that you communicate to the world?
What type of energy are you feeling from the world around you?

Not only does the universe hear your thoughts and words, it also picks up your energetic message and ensures that more of the same will be delivered to you. Positive energy attracts positive energy; negative energy attracts… more negative energy!

As children, we were like sponges, absorbing ideas and beliefs from our parents, society, teachers, media and more. Past experiences and our reaction to them are stored in our body, including negative emotions. Things happen in the present that trigger those memories, and our present reaction is often controlled by our past experiences.

Imagine that all your past experiences are condensed into a phrase or a statement that is written on an invisible flag that you carry with you everywhere you go.

Recently, I’ve been challenging women I work with to explore what is written on their invisible flag. Here is one example of what I discovered:

A few weeks ago I started working with Shannon. She is 65, feeling depressed, unfulfilled, and desperate. Her attitude toward life is “it will be over soon, why even bother.” Growing up, she felt like the unfavorable child. Her mother gave more attention to her other siblings, trusting that Shannon would be okay. Shannon’s interpretation of her mother’s behavior was that she didn’t love her.

When I asked her what is written on her invisible flag, she immediately said: “I’m unlovable”. Together we explored how this message has manifested itself in her adult life in different ways, affecting her personal and professional relationships. We did some work to release the false interpretations and beliefs, and she was willing to forgive her mother and admit that it was her interpretations that have been limiting her all these years. Shannon was ready to put down her old flag and pick up a new one. It was easy for her to come up with a message to write on her new flag. She said: “I am worthy, I am lovable”.

I was amazed by the transformation she went through within weeks. Her willingness to change the core message that is written on her flag worked miracles. Within days she became less depressed, more positive and confident, and simply happier to wake up in the morning and live life.

The flag we carry is invisible, but the message written on the flag is deeply internalized. By projecting this message to the universe through our personal energy, we invite more of the same to be delivered back to us. Think hard about the following:

What is written on your invisible flag right now?
Where did the message come from?
What healthier and more supportive message will you choose to write on your flag?

Put down the old flag and pick up a new one.

Let me know what you write on your new flag.
Let me know what the universe delivers back to you when you carry this new flag with you.

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