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Guided Visualizations for Balance, Harmony, and Reset
This 5-minute Guided Visualization will help you get centered quickly when needed. You can use this visualization to switch gears when you transition between different parts of your day or need some grounding.

Preparing for the meditation, light a candle, sit in a comfortable position, place one hand on your heart and open your other hand in an offering position, as if you are giving your light to the universe, and close your eyes.

What happens when you set aside, worry, fear, uncertainty, or overwhelm, and you make love visible?

This Guided Visualization presents you with a new way to ease up the overwhelm and shift to love.

You can use this visualization for yourself, or you share it with your loved ones, including children.

Pushing away negative emotions is normal and human. Who wants to feel worried or afraid? And who wants to deal with sadness or anger?
But the only way to become emotionally stable is to do the opposite: to welcome the emotions.
The “Honor your Feelings” Guided Visualization helps you become mindful of your emotions and ease into feeling better.
This visualization is inspired by one of my favorite meditation teachers, Beth Resnick-Folk.
When facing a crisis, or going through a difficult time, we often get stuck on the emotional roller coaster.
It’s hard (often impossible) to see things in perspective when your emotions are all over the place. You are a participant in the event. It is only when you shift to an observer role that you can see things in perspective.
The “Movie of Your Life” Visualization will help you step back and see things in perspective.
The “Ground your Heart” Guided Visualization.
If you are an empath or highly sensitive to energy, you feel other people’s pain. You are affected by the collective energy.
How well do you ground yourself? What is a simple way to clear your heart and feel better in the moment?
The “Ground your Heart” Visualization will help you ground from above and below.
Why Beacons of Change?

We are all born beacons. Each of us has great potential and we are meant to shine our light and share our gifts with the world. As beacons of change, we are devoted to raising the vibration in the world. The more people that connect with Reiki, the higher the vibration on the earth is. We have a world to change and that change starts with us.