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Congratulations, and thank you for completing the Living at Full Power Quiz!

Discover what your score means

A scale of 0 to 100 is used to measure your personal power state. Lower scores indicate you are lacking a connection with your personal power. Higher scores indicate that you are living at full power.

The results are divided into 4 groups:

0-25: The Candlelight – The Lacking Power Beacon
26-50: The Flashlight – The Restricted Power Beacon
51-75: The Lightbulb – The Functional Power Beacon
76-100: The Lighthouse – The Full Power Beacon

Your score is


Your Personal Power State is the Full Power Beacon.

Your personal power state reveals how connected you are to your personal power. Once you identify your personal power state, you can start making conscious choices to step more into your power so you can live as the beacon you were born to be. Living at full power allows you to be more satisfied in your relationships with others, with yourself, with your work, and with spirituality and purpose.

As the lighthouse, you give off light so bright, you have the power to guide others. You are a beacon whose light is at full power, shining big and far. You tend to be the leader of your life, accepting that you have the power to take responsibility and move your life forward. You avoid making other people responsible, and you believe in your power to create the life you want.

When facing a challenging situation, even if you lose your focus for a bit, you bounce back quickly and shift from problem to solution.

Making decisions does not drain you, and once you decide, you don’t look back. You tend to take risks and to step outside your comfort zone, even when it means facing your fears and working through them.

You know how to protect yourself energetically from what is going on in the world, and you stay detached and centered even when there is negativity around you.

While other people escape their emotions, you manage them effectively, and you don’t let your emotions control you. The result is that you enjoy a good energy level, and you experience joy and happiness.

When your inner critic speaks, you easily make your true voice louder. Overall, you feel lovable and worthy. You show up in the world with confidence, and your inner light is shining.

You take care of yourself before taking care of others, and you know how to keep your boundaries strong and your energy up!

You maintain a good spiritual connection, and you enjoy a balance between owning your personal power and trusting a power that is greater than yourself.

As a beacon who lives at full power, you must be grateful and satisfied with where you are in life now.

But what if you could express your gifts and share your light with the world in a bigger way?

What if you could play bigger, reach higher, and step even more into your greatness?

The sky’s the limit for you!

Are you ready to build on the connections you have made with spirituality and purpose, inner wisdom, and your true self?

There’s an easy way to celebrate your commitment to yourself and to start sharing your light with others.

The 14-Day Full Power Challenge will be your roadmap.