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Awaken Your Intuition

Your Registration for the Awaken Your Intuition Program is Confirmed!
I am looking forward to seeing you on August 10, 2022.
More information in your welcome email…

Program Curriculum:

This is a virtual course, and all the classes are being recorded so you can watch them again

Lesson 1

Knock, knock….It’s your intuition!
  • The 4 types of intelligence
  • The truth about intuition
  • Why intuition scares us
  • Intuition and Divine Timing
  • Raising your awareness
  • Tapping into your Intuition
  • The Body Test Practice
  • Daily practices to listen to & track your intuition
  • Intuition Exercises for the week

Lesson 2

Your Cosmology Map
  • Opening the channel between your human self and divine self
  • The Cosmology Connection Guided Visualization
  • Creating your personal cosmology map
  • Tangible ways to clear & open your channel
  • Daily practices to listen to & track your intuition
  • Intuition Exercises for the week

Lesson 3

Blocks, Challenges, & Remedies
  • 8 Energy Blocks that prevent you from tapping into your intuition
  • 10 Remedies to counter blocks & challenges
  • The Energy Ball Technique
  • Daily practices to listen to & track your intuition
  • Intuition Exercises for the week

Lesson 4

  • Putting it all together
  • Tips on making our intuition alive
  • How to open up your intuitive energy field
  • Using a pendulum & oracle cards to access your intuition
  • Next Steps & Support
  • Daily practices to listen to & track your intuition
  • Intuition Exercises for the week
Your Intuition Team

Michal, Dawn, and Rachel will be your gentle guides throughout the course. You’ll be in capable hands with Michal and Dawn as your instructors.

Thank you - Awaken Your Intuition Program
Michal Spiegelman, Beacons of Change founder, has been guiding women through private sessions, group programs, and classes since 1996. Michal is an Intuitive Transformation Mentor who has been practicing, teaching, living, and breathing inner wisdom and intuitive connection for many years. Her perceptive approach combined with her professional expertise will help you gain clarity in developing and listening to your intuition.
Thank you - Awaken Your Intuition Program

Dawn Goforth-Kelly, our Reiki Master and Lead Reiki Instructor, will inspire you to own your intuitive gifts and reframe your challenges in a new way. Dawn is a certified yoga instructor, artist, musician, and writer who shares her intuitive downloads through private sessions and classes.

Thank you - Awaken Your Intuition Program

Rachel Craig, our Customer Success Specialist working behind the scenes, will be your go-to contact for all your logistical questions and offer creative insight.

The three of us are passionate healing practitioners, and together, we are a trio of knowledge with one goal-to help you connect with your intuition so you can share your light in a bigger, supported, and informed way with the world.

BoC team 2022

Disclaimer – We can not make guarantees about the results of taking this program. We provide you with all the information and resources that are intended to help you succeed. Nevertheless, your ultimate success or failure will be the result of your own efforts, skills, particular situation, and other circumstances beyond our control.

Also, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Thus, the results obtained by others – applying the principles set out in this program are no guarantee that you or any other person will be able to obtain similar results.

We do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. The information contained within this program is provided for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.