Transform your Relationships

Learn to love yourself first, flourish and nurture your unity with your partner and attract the love, care and compassion you desire.

Relationships are a beautiful gift that can bring much joy and love and also offer opportunities for learning and growth.

Relationships with others offer you a mirror to see yourself. If you feel that others don’t respect you or don’t express their love to you, look in the mirror and see how much you love and respect yourself.

Let’s do a short reality check:

  • What kind of relationships do you attract towards yourself?
  • How nurtured do you feel in your relationships?
  • What do your relationships mirror back to you?
  • If you allow yourself to really “fly,” what do your relationships look like?

Most people focus on trying to change the other person to make them the person they want them to be, instead of focusing on changing themselves: their attitude, their energy and their vibe.

Whatever you focus on grows and when you allow others to find their way, and you focus on yourself, it releases the tension and leads to love and understanding. Practicing self-love and becoming more real and more confident helps you show up more authentically and attract and manifest the loving relationships you want.

If you’re unhappy in your relationships or if you know that you’re settling for less, let me help you hold a mirror close to your face so we can identify what gets in the way of you creating, attracting, and manifesting healthy, loving relationships. We can then play, dance, and fly together through the process of transforming your relationships with lightness and ease.

I’m passionate about and experienced with working with women and couples on improving their marriage or helping them create their next chapter in life if divorce is their ultimate solution.

I work with:

  • Married women who are ready to be more satisfied with their partner
  • Women in relationships
  • Women who need to decide if and when to get divorced
  • Divorced women
  • Single women who are interested in dating and creating loving relationships.

If what I shared here speaks to you and you are ready to explore playfully transforming your relationships together, please contact me and let’s talk.

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