The Empowered Empath

A workshop for women looking for new ways to show compassion without taking on the pain of others
Sunday, March 15, 2020
Atlanta, GA

Mindfulness, Grounding, and Chakra Work for Sensitive Souls

You have been told all your life that you act too sensitively, cry too often, laugh too loudly, and react too easily. You are a natural giver, and you want to serve.

People may have even told you that you are too intense, that you are “too much.”

It might be hard to believe, but 20% of people all over the world are just like you—born highly sensitive to energy and meant to serve as the beacons they were destined to be. Yet they end up taking pills, going to therapy, taking time off from life, reading self-help books, and working hard at putting up a defense. The result? They experience physical and emotional pain and real frustration from not being able to shield themselves from the negative energy around them.

Incredible as this sounds, chances are you are doing similar things to guarantee you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of wanting to help, absorbing others’ pain, regretting your decision to help, and staying stuck with physical and emotional symptoms and a host of other devastating blows to your quality of life. 

The good news is these tragedies are absolutely avoidable—even reversible—with the knowledge and the hands-on bodywork I am going to present in the Empowered Empath workshop.

Believe me, beacon! There is a way to experience deep emotional stability, abundant joy, and infinite love while at the same time increasing your empathic abilities and making a real difference to the suffering of the world.

I hope that you choose to join me for this workshop.

You deserve to live as the grounded, empowered beacon you were born to be.


Michal Spiegelman

Empath, Intuitive Transformation Mentor, Reiki Master

The Empowered Empath is for you if you…

  • Know that you are a highly sensitive soul, an empath, or an emotional sponge
  • Tend to be the first one to help, fix, and rescue, and this tendency is costing you your health
  • Need to protect yourself energetically, and you don’t know how
  • Feel ready to acquire new ways to thrive as an empath because tools that worked for you before are no longer working
  • Ask yourself why you still struggle with living your purpose even though you have already done so much work
It is impossible to be of service when you finish each day depleted and drained with no way of re-sourcing yourself. Being able to shine and make a real difference happens once you learn how to manage your power. You need to learn to manage your gift before it destroys you and your life. It’s time to stop self-protecting and to step fully into your power.

As an empath, your potential is unlimited. You were born to shine your light and be a guide for others. Your sensitivity is your gift.

The Empowered Empath

Sunday, March 15, 2020
3:00 – 6:00 pm

The Annex at The Center for Love & Light
1145 Zonolite Rd, Suite 7
Atlanta, GA 30306

Registration: $50 
Reserve your spot now, seats are limited

“What a rewarding workshop! I feel that I have a deeper understanding of my role as a woman and how important my healing is for myself and the collective. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with all who come my way.”
Denise Forte, Atlanta

“The workshop was amazing, as always. Michal is a very powerful speaker! I recently realized my energy was really draining out as I talked with someone, so I visualized a technique I learned in the workshop, and it helped. Learning how to hold a space for someone instead of trying to rescue them automatically provided an energy buffer between myself and the other person. It felt like protection, and I found it very powerful.”
Nancy Dyer, Georgia

What should you expect from the workshop?

Build courage, raise confidence, and practice a tangible way to create emotional stability
Learn practical ways to offer compassion without absorbing negative energy
Release stagnant energy and pain that is stuck in your body
Discover unique ways to clear unwanted energy and balance your Chakras so you can stand strong in your power
Understand how to show up as an empath in a new, empowering way
Learn practical, outside-the-box ways to ground yourself
Receive empowering messages from the collective feminine wisdom
“I am so grateful to Michal for sharing her knowledge and creating the space for all of us to share. The meditation and the partner exercise of grounding, looking within my heart, and holding the space for someone else while offering compassion and gratitude was an amazing experience.”
Denielle Savage, GA

Look at these pictures from previous events with Michal. Can you sense the connection, power and elevation?
“I personally struggle with grounding myself and being a physical empath—it’s draining. For me, the biggest takeaway from the workshop was the reminder to approach a loved one with compassion and loving space by taking care of myself first.”
Swati Malik Jane, Atlanta

About Michal

Michal Spiegelman is a Reiki master, energy expert, life change mentor, and the founder of Beacons of Change.

She has been holding the space for women to tap into ancient feminine wisdom since 1996.

Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach and a social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities, such as color healing, chakra balancing, guided imagery, and meditation into her teachings of Reiki and her work as a mentor and a guide.

She splits her time between Atlanta and New York, teaching, coaching and mentoring.