Healing through colors is very profound. It works both ways: you can look at a specific chakra which needs some balance and chose to eat food with that specific color or you can identify a specific color that is missing from your daily menu, and ask yourself what’s going on with the corresponding chakra. The one color which is hard to find is blue. Any ideas for a blue natural (not processed) food?

Chakra Location Color Focus Food
1. Base Base of spine Red Grounding Strawberries, cherries, radishes, beets

tomatoes, peppers

2. Sacral below the navel Orange Sexuality


Oranges, carrots, apricots, pumpkin
3. Solar Plexus Between the lower chest and the navel Yellow Self esteem

Will power

Banana, Lemon, corn, grapefruit, cheese
4. Heart The heart area Green Love


Apple, pear, cucumber, spinach, kale, greens, broccoli,

cabbage, celery, grapes

5. Throat The throat area Blue Communication


There aren’t many natural blue foods. Look at the sky instead?.
6. Third Eye between the eyes Indigo Intuition


Eggplant, beets, plums, dates, blueberries
7. Crown Top of head Violet Divine


Same as Indigo
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