Don’t you love the summer?

School is out. The graduation buzz is over. Everybody is talking about traveling and vacationing. There are outdoor music festivals and concerts (at least in New York!), and good vibes are in the air!

Yesterday, I was walking down the main street in our neighborhood. Restaurants were full. Coffee shops were packed. People were sitting outside, enjoying food and drinks. Flowers were decorating every corner. I’m not sure if it was my imagination or not, but people looked less rushed and much happier!

Summer is the perfect time for a carefree attitude of fun and freedom.


Let’s make sure that enjoying freedom in the moment is not going to sabotage our long-term freedom.

What is the difference between real freedom and the freedom of escape?

Real freedom is having the right to believe, think, feel, speak, and act as you wish. Real freedom is not being restrained, imprisoned or enslaved.

The freedom of escape is really just running away from responsibility and living in denial?acting as if you are free while knowing it will cost you later.

For example, you have a crucial decision to make that will have a major effect on your life. You know that it’s time to stand up for yourself, but you don’t have the courage. Instead of seeking support to get stronger and more confident with your next step, you procrastinate and bury your head in the sand. The result is more stress, not less.

Yes, summer is the perfect time for a carefree attitude of fun and freedom, but it’s important to balance the ?in the moment? freedom with actions that lead to a long-term, sustainable freedom.

Here is my summer formula of many years:

Last week I spent two hours searching for concerts and music festivals and decided on one concert (U2 at Madison Square Garden) and a Broadway show (Carousel) that I’m going to get tickets for. But I also researched summer classes and workshops that are going to nurture me and feed my soul so I can continue to do work during the summer that contributes to my long-term freedom.

How about you, beloved?

What are your plans for the summer?

How can you balance that ?break free, have fun, and live in the moment? attitude with action that supports your long-term freedom?

May I make a suggestion?

Make fun summer plans. And also consider joining me in Atlanta or New York for one of the following classes and workshops:

Living at Full Power VIP Day

The VIP Day is a deep dive, full-day workshop for a select group of only five women. With me as your guide, you will identify your biggest block, break through it, find clarity and direction, and step into your future fully connected with your power.

This full-day event takes place in Atlanta and NYC.

Reiki Class for Beginners?(This is a six-hour class in Atlanta & NYC))?

If you have lost your path or you want to regain your spiritual relationship with yourself and with the world around you, learning to give Reiki to yourself can become your turning point. Reiki is a simple practice you can use to heighten your body’s natural ability to heal, bring your intuition to life, and deepen your spiritual connection by tapping into the universal energy collectively shared by humanity.

What do you think?

Are you going to step out of your comfort zone and make summer plans that support your long-term freedom?


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