Recently, I had a conversation with a mother who had moved into a new house.? She reached out to me because things were not going well in the new place. ?I’m not sure why,? she said, ?but people are putting me down all the time.? She described a situation where her neighbors, as well as her colleges at work are not treating her nicely. she feels lonely and isolated. Any attempt to make friends or interact with people around her ends with pain and frustration because she feels blamed and criticized.

Thirty minutes into our conversation, she started to gain awareness about her responsibility in these challenging social dynamics. She soon had an ?aha? moment and admitted she was giving her power away in other areas of her life too.

My conversations with women over the years have led me to believe that many of us grow up feeling unworthy and insecure. Our adult lives are often controlled by a tendency to give away our power.

If you think about it, you are giving your power away every time you please others.

You are giving your power away when you don’t set boundaries.

You are giving your power away when you let someone else push your buttons, stress you out, or make you angry.

It has been fascinating for me to explore this topic and ask this important question: How can you stop giving away your power?

Giving your power away is a pattern that doesn’t serve you.
It is time to interfere with this pattern and start living at full power.

The challenge is that you are so used to giving your power away that your skills for staying in your power are not developed enough. You need to exercise the ?living at full power? muscle, and teach your heart, mind, and soul to show up differently.

Learning to shift from autopilot to intention is a game-changer
that empowers you to start living fully in touch with your inner strength.

My exploration process led me to the development of the 12 Practices for Living at Full Power. I tested these practices on myself and on many women who I have worked with over the years. I spent a long time reflecting and meditating on the concepts until I came up with the exact words that define and shape the message I want to deliver.

For example:

Practice # 6: Embrace Change with Joy

I can write a whole book about each one of the practices?but if you asked me to explain this practice in under 60 words, I would say the following.

Fear of the unknown is usually the #1 obstacle that prevents people from having the courage to change. The #2 obstacle is thinking that the process needs to be long, heavy, and painful.

When you welcome change into your life with open arms, you bring joy into the process and shift from fear to curiosity about the journey ahead.

Practice #1 for living at full power might be the most powerful practice. Practice #8 is original and strong. Practice #12 uses phrases that don’t even exist in the English language, and that’s what makes it so special and memorable.

I put my heart and my soul into the process of ?translating? 20 years of work to a method, a language, and a roadmap to embolden you to stop giving away your power and instead start living at full power.

I created a colorful workbook that you can download now for free to start exploring and implementing these powerful practices in your life.

Print the?12 Practices for Living at Full Power?workbook and dive deep into the practices as you answer the questions included at the end of each section. You will feel inspired, empowered, and motivated to better yourself and your life.

Get the workbook now and stop giving your power away TODAY.

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