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[Video] Why you shouldn’t follow Steve Jobs’s fashion advice

By Michal Spiegelman

Hey Beacon, welcome to this week’s vlog. I have a question: What color do you wear right now? When you open my closet, you’ll see tops in many different colors, but when you open my husband’s, everything is black! Inspired by Steve Jobs, Shmuel wears a black t-shirt and jeans every day. When he really wants to “gets outside his color box,” he wears dark blue.

Shmuel is not the only one who favors wearing black. Although black is not the most popular color (blue is!), 65% of all men and 50% of all women wear black when they want to project power, prestige, and confidence. I only have one problem with that, and the problem is that black is the only color that is lacking energy and light. Each color is carried on a different frequency, so when we use colors, they either give us some energy or take away some of our energy.

While all the colors are reflected by light, black is the only color that absorbs the light and reflects nothing back. Colors are a source of light and energy. So it might be that black is a color that is really good for power, prestige, and confidence—but it doesn’t really bring us the energy that we need.

The reality is that we are energetic beings, and we are affected by energy, especially if you’re a beacon. If you’re highly sensitive or an empath like me, we give away our power, we lose our energy, and we get drained because we are natural givers.

We can use any resources that are out there to re-energize ourselves, and my purpose with these weekly vlogs is to offer you practical ways to achieve that. So I want to challenge you: the next time you open your closet to choose what you want to wear, stretch yourself and don’t go with the first color that you want to grab, which is probably black or gray.

One of the reasons why we are attracted to black is that energy attracts energy. If we are low energy when we wake up in the morning—especially if we have an overwhelmed mindset or are a little worried or concerned about our day—then we will just grab a black or  gray shirt that reflects that low energy. Meanwhile, what our soul really needs is to be uplifted by more vibrant colors.

For example, red brings energy, passion, and enthusiasm to your life. So if you’re really tired, consider wearing red instead of black. Even if you never wear red, give it a try. Experiment one time with wearing a red shirt and observe not only your energy level but also the feedback you receive from other people.

Or grab the orange shirt. Orange is a color that reflects joy and emotional connection. While red is associated with the Root Chakra, which is about stability and grounding, orange (associated with the Sacral Chakra) is really about emotions and flow. Like I said, it’s a joyful color. So instead of wearing black, you get yourself an orange top and see how it affects your energy. Even if the color you wear doesn’t match your skin tone, it still can really benefit you to wear it.

Take, for example, yellow. I know that yellow doesn’t really match my skin, right? I’m more into turquoise, greens, and blues. But I wear yellow because yellow is a color that is very, very important. It’s a light color so when you need to lighten up or when you need to remember to have fun, yellow is the perfect color.

Think about sunshine, warmth, flowers—doesn’t it make you smile when you picture the yellow? If you really, truly cannot stand yellow and cannot even think about wearing it as a top, then wear a yellow scarf or get yellow jewelry. Even a yellow bra or underwear. Or get some pillows and accessories in yellow. Wear yellow, and add lightness, fun, and sunshine to your life.

Green is associated with the Heart Chakra, and it’s about giving and receiving love. It’s a heart-centered color. If you’re about to go on a date or have an important heart-centered conversation with a work colleague or a family member, then don’t wear black. Black is protective, and it might take you more to a place of disconnection and being shut down. Wear green to help you open your heart and create an emotional connection with the other person.

Blue, the most popular color, is the color of the Throat Chakra. Blue encourages communication, expression, trust, and peace. Blue is calming. If you tend only to wear blue, it might be really valuable for you to get outside your color box and experiment with more vibrant colors like red, orange, and yellow, or shades of those colors, like pink and coral.

Upshifting Mission of the Week:

Get outside your color box! Pick a color and create your day.

When you open your closet tomorrow morning and wonder what to wear, ask yourself what color your soul needs, and then wear that color instead of the first color that you usually grab without thinking.

Sticky Note of the Week:

What color does my soul crave today?

Have fun with your mission for the week! Have fun with playing and inviting more colors into your life! If you want to share your observations from getting out of your color box, drop me a note here.

Have fun upshifting with colors, and see you next time!

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