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[Video] 12 Powerful Ways to Step into your Power

By Michal Spiegelman

Hello Beacon, and welcome to this week’s Upshifting Vlog.

A few weeks ago, my dad passed away. I had received a call from my family that it was coming, and I was on the plane to Israel when he passed. It was a very sad experience for me, and I felt like I was living in a bubble in the time that followed. It was beautiful to honor his memory at the funeral and after, surrounded by family and friends. It really felt like I put my life on hold, and I could just focus on grieving and allowing myself to cry, to process his death, and to really honor his memory.

Right after the “Shivah” (a week-long mourning period in Judaism for the immediate family), I flew straight to Atlanta to host a workshop and teach some classes. I decided not to cancel the events because many people had signed up in advance. I thought that it would be a spiritual experience for me to come out of the bubble to teach my philosophy, share my mission, and talk about why we need to share our light in a bigger way. It was a moment I knew I was meant to rise and shine.

Standing in front of workshop attendees on that first day, I felt grounded and centered and totally in my power. Completely different from I how I had felt just a few days earlier. I said to the women in attendance, “I am not faking it. I really feel grounded and centered and grateful.” They were surprised. They asked me, “How could you transition straight from the losing your dad to feeling so good?”

The answer is that I had to use my tools. I told myself that I was committed to walking the talk. I used my tools to uplift myself energetically, and I did the inner work. Really, what I used were the twelve practices that I teach, the twelve practices for living at full power. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share those twelve practices with you.

If you have heard me talk about them before, you might realize that every time I present them, I present them in a new way. My intention now is to inspire you to choose one or two (and no more than three!) practices that you think can help you to step into your power if you bring them into your life right now. A beautiful, colorful poster featuring all of these practices is available to download for free on the website.

I’m going to go over the practices one by one here and just share some thoughts.

12 Practices for Standing in Your Power (or Reclaiming It)

  1. Create your turning point. So, there are situations in life when you are down. There is some negative energy. There is a crisis. You receive a troubling phone call or engage in a difficult conversation. It’s just normal and natural for us as humans to find ourselves at a lower level of energy. What you need to remember is that you can always create a turning point. You possess this ability. Once you ask yourself, “what’s a small turning point that I can create now?,” you will start receiving the answers.

    What would it look like for you, in your life now, if you practiced creating turning points?

  2. Love your goddess. You know we have different voices inside us. You have your inner critic, your gremlin. You also have your inner goddess, the spark that loves you unconditionally and wants what’s best for you. You really want to be intentional about loving your inner goddess, remembering your inner goddess, and shining the light on your inner goddess.

    What would it look like right now if you truly loved your inner goddess?

  3. Live outside your comfort zone. Obviously my comfort zone after my father’s death was to cancel all my classes and stay with my sadness and grief. But my mission is to teach people how to uplift—how to upshift!—themselves. So I made a decision to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. Your comfort zone keeps you where you are. It keeps you where things feel safe and familiar. But you can only really step into your greatness when you step outside your comfort zone.

    What would it look like if you allowed yourself, today, to step out of your comfort zone?

  4. Bring purpose to pain. We all go through crises—health crises, relationship crises. Stuff just happens. Pain is a natural part of life. But while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Once you bring purpose to pain—once you look for the spiritual lessons and opportunities—you can grow stronger.

    What would happen if you asked your pain right now, “what are you here to teach me?”

  5. Turn challenges into opportunities. I do believe that any challenge that we face is an opportunity for growth, and that by approaching challenges as an opportunity, you can really learn a lot and turn things around.

    What is a challenge you are experiencing right now in your life that you’re willing to turn into an opportunity?

  6. Embrace change with joy. This is extremely important because many of us are so used to thinking that personal growth and doing the inner work are difficult and painful. I know that I never used to allow myself to enjoy my life. To have fun. I was taught growing up that fun and joy were a waste of time. When you walk your spiritual path from a joyful place and give yourself permission to embrace change with joy, not only is the journey more fun but you get better results.

    How can you bring more joy to your life right now?

  7. Engage in radical self-care. Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is a sacred responsibility. So many of us, especially empaths and people who are highly sensitive to energy, are natural givers. When we give so much and put other people in front of ourselves, we end up feeling drained and overwhelmed.

    What might be a way for you to choose to engage in radical self-care?

  8. Stand up and roar. This is about standing up for yourself. Speaking your truth. Using your voice. Deciding that you will no longer hide in the back. That you will no longer make yourself small.

    What would it look like if you allowed yourself to really speak your truth today—to stand up and roar?

  9. Be human, be imperfect. This is one of the most important practices because these practices for living at full power are really about allowing yourself to fail. You will fail. But when you’re a beacon, and you’re connected to the light and surrounded by like-minded people, you rise. You always rise. When you rise, you have to forgive yourself and to tell yourself, “I’m human and I’m imperfectly perfect.”

    How would it feel to give yourself permission in this very moment to be imperfect?

  10. Rise and shine. Like I said, when you fail, or when you fall, you always rise. That’s the reason why I decided not to cancel my classes and instead to use the opportunity to shine my light so I could empower other people to do the same.

    What would it look like if you trusted your ability to rise and shine, regardless of what was going on in your life?

  11. Balance doing with being. It’s so easy for us to just go, go, go all day long, to be engaged in doing all the time. For me, giving Reiki to myself is one of the simplest and easiest ways to balance doing with being.

    How do you balance doing and being in your life?

  12. Beacon in, beacon out. This ability is something that we, the Beacons of Change, all have in common. We are committed, even in times of difficulty, to connecting to our inner light, to feeding it, and also to sharing it in a bigger way. So we beacon in, and we beacon out.

    What would it look like today if you did one simple thing to beacon in—to connect with your inner light—but also to share your light in a bigger way?

Upshifting Mission of the Week:

Explore the twelve practices for living at full power, and choose at least one (or up to three) to live by this week. Report back to me about how it goes.

Sticky Note of the Week:

My “standing in my power”
practice for the week is…

There are a few resources that I really want to share with you. One is the 12 Practices poster. The other one is the 12 Practices workbook. It’s colorful. It’s beautiful. It talks about the practices, and it also gives you reflection questions that you can answer.

From the time you wake up, connect daily with the practice(s) you chose for your mission this week. Then let me know how you applied it to your life and how it helped you shift. I would love to hear from you. Send an email and tell me which practices you love. I am really grateful that you’re here with me, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on our next vlog.

Meet Michal
Michal Spiegelman

Michal Spiegelman is Medical Intuitive who helps women get to the root source behind disease, disharmony, imbalance, stress, and trauma-related conditions.

Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and a former social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities into her intuitive teachings, coaching and mentoring.

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