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“My biggest frustration in life was stress – through job, domestic life etc., Today, I am more positive and have learned to be more calm and centered with my stress. Many situations that used to frustrate me now are turning for the better.? I’m happy with the results. Biggest gift has been clarity of thought and action combined with fearlessness. I’m not afraid to face the future, not worried about uncertainty and ambiguity.”

This is an email I got from one of my Reiki students this week about how his life changed since studying Reiki with me.

To be honest, the feedback I get from my students keep surprising me over and over again, even after 16 years of teaching.

I get thankful emails from all kinds of students. Some of them are working in corporate America, others are full time moms, lots are giving services (hairdressers, estheticians, therapists, doctors) but they all have one thing in common: they all experienced some level of stress, negativity, disappointment in their lives before they found Reiki. They all had worries that?d keep them up at night until they couldn’t take it anymore.

They all know that stress and negativity are unhealthy.

They read articles and books, they have been told by doctors and professional. They know. They had to find a way to let go of the negativity, so they could breathe, live and love. So they could get free.

Why wait until you can’t take it anymore?

Why hit rock bottom?

Why not do something that can make you wake up every morning centered, balanced and excited to start your day NOW?

Reiki is a simple method for Stress-Reduction done by placing one’s hands on the body or a few inches away from the body.

Reiki is one of the easiest and most effective Stress-Reduction Tools. When you give Reiki to yourself you achieve inner peace & total relaxation and you reduce your stress level in that moment, no matter what is going on in your life.

If you live in the Atlanta area, I invite you to take my next level 1 class. In only 6 hours you will learn a practical tool you can use by yourself every day to move from overstressed to calm.

Click here to see if there are any openings left for my next Reiki level 1 Class in Atlanta.

If you live far away from Atlanta and don’t feel like traveling right now, I will help you get the same results in a different, long distance way. Contact me directly and tell me: “I am not in Atlanta but I am ready”.

Don’t look far. The miracle is right here, in front of you.

You just need to call me or email me. Let me help you transform your life.