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You got unstuck. You set goals. But now what?

by | Be a Change Agent

Two days after an intensive, transformative workshop, I hosted a video call for the women who had participated. I wanted them to feel supported in their transition back to daily life.

During the full-day event, they had gotten clear with their desires, identified their blocks, healed, forgiven, and created a manifestation list. They had also tapped into wisdom, connected with spirituality, and created a power shift. (There are 3 critical components every change process should have, and you can read why here.)

When I asked them to share where they were in their “re-entry” process, I received a wide variety of feedback:

“I’m unstoppable.”

“I’m tired.”

“I’m tired and energized at the same time.”

“Going back home was not easy.”

“I want to take so much action that I’m overwhelmed.”

“Amazing things have already happened.”

Many of these women had felt stuck for a long time. They wanted to make big changes on their own, but no matter how hard they tried, it never happened.

During our workshop, they had done amazing, deep inner work. But it is what they did after the workshop to apply what they learned that would make all the difference in helping them to create sustainable change.

How many times have you had high hopes while taking a workshop or working with a professional–really investing in getting help–only to realize later that nothing had changed?

Sure, the first step is getting unstuck. You must remove the blocks. If you don’t know how to do that, send me a message, and let’s talk. I’m good at helping women get unstuck!

And once you have released, removed, and healed, you set goals. The question is, what happens then? How do you move from goal-setting to true manifestation? How do you make what you want to happen happen AND create sustainable change?

Once you set goals?

Don’t push.

Don’t pressure.

Don’t get obsessed and overstressed.

Because if that’s what you do once you set goals, you are also setting yourself up to fail.


How do you create a healthy relationship with goal-setting?

The short answer:

In Arianna Huffington’s words:

Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”

In Danielle LaPorte’s words:

“Want it with all your heart, but don’t be attached to getting it.”

In my words:

Be a beacon: Balance DOING and BEING, stay connected to WISDOM, and SHINE ON!

The long answer:

  • Balance DOING and BEING
    When you get unstuck and release the blocks, you take your power back and free up needed energy to move to action. The healing you go through helps you transform your emotions–anger, fear, sadness–into a more productive energy. Anger can easily become your fuel for action. Fear can transform to excitement. Sadness can turn into vulnerability and an open heart.

    From this place of transformation, you set goals. Be intentional as you move forward toward massive action. Use your energy wisely so you don’t burn out or get overwhelmed. Bring BEING into the DOING. Practice self-care. Spend time in nature. Meditate. Rest. Give yourself some time to sit with the healing you experienced. Let things settle down a little bit, and be mindful of your energy as you move forward.

  • Stay connected to WISDOM
    When we create a space for wisdom to flow, miracles happen. It is an essential part of my Beacons of Change method to teach women how to connect with their inner wisdom and tap into collective wisdom. Once you set goals, you don’t have to figure out the details by yourself! Wisdom is the understanding that you can tap into the power of the universal energy within and around you to get insight. So tap into it!
    I often hear this from women who are part of my online Inner Circle community after our calls: “I tapped into my beacon’s energy, and it helped me see things differently” or “you helped me connect to the light, and the solution came naturally.” Once you set goals, make sure you keep your light connection. Remember that you are worthy for who you are, regardless of what you do, and it is your mission (and mine as well) to rise and shine when you fall. Because that’s the true meaning of living as a beacon. You re-align, re-charge, re-connect with the light, and you remember that you are a beautiful beacon.

When you start feeling overwhelmed or frustrated as you work to achieve your goals, pause and ask yourself three questions:

How can I balance DOING and BEING right now?

What guidance do I receive from WISDOM?

How can I feel the way I want to feel and SHINE ON?

Once you ask, listen. You have the answers within you.

Wish to move forward supported by a tribe of like-minded women and a mentor? Join the Beacons of Change online sisterhood.  


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