Partner With Us

Here are 2 ways we can partner together:

  1. Become an affiliate and get paid for telling others about your favorite products.
  2. Co-Create a new program or product, or cross promote each other as a joint venture partner.

Become an affiliate

Would you like to help us help more people?

I would be happy to reward you for spreading the word. Join my Balanced Moments Affiliate Program and get paid every time your friends buy a product or service through your affiliate link. I like to pay my affiliate partners generously and quickly.

As one of my special Balanced Moments Affiliates, you’ll hear first about new product launches and training calls to help you get the greatest benefit (and most money) for your participation!

Thank you,
Michal Spiegelman

To get started, send me an email.

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Become a joint venture partner

Another way we can partner together is by a joint venture partnership.

I would love to partner with you if you:

  • Offer something that will be valued by my readers
  • Offer products and services I use myself and like
  • Create events and products that interview me as an expert
  • especially if I’m not the biggest name in the lineup.

and I can collect contact data to grow my list.

My intentions for any Joint Venture are that we help a lot of people get what they want, grow and better their lives, while we both grow our lists and income.

If this sounds good, and if you want me to promote your launch, or you’d like me to be a part of your upcoming event, I invite you to contact me.

Let’s do something together!