When I was eight years old (and then nine, ten, eleven, twelve and…keep going), I would quietly sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night while my parents were sleeping. I would quietly take out a spoon from the kitchen drawer, the chocolate spread jar from the pantry, and eat half the jar. After I finished eating, I would wash and dry the spoon, put the spoon back in the drawer, put the jar back in the pantry, and go back to bed, leaving no evidence of my “crime”. Every few days my mom would surprisingly ask why we were always running low on the chocolate spread and I would play the role of the innocent and say that I have no idea.

I was an happy child with an unhappy mother. I remember very clearly that expressing emotions was not encouraged in my house. In fact, my siblings and I would get punished for laughing or crying too hard. At night, I would cry under my pillow so no one would hear me. This along with eating secretly at night had become a habit and were the only things that helped me suppress the pain.

Using food to cope with life was not my invention. People have been doing it for years, there were many before me and there will be many after. Food is probably the most commonly abused substance because eating is a necessary part of life.

Numbing your emotions with food is just one of the many ways to cover up pain.

Here are some other vices people use as a cover up for emotional pain:

Drugs, alcohol, food, social media,

TV, texting, dieting, shopping,

sex, porn, exercise, gambling, gossiping, pills,

playing video games, surfing the internet, overworking, and more.

The reality is that most people, including children, have learned unhealthy ways to cope with their emotions and suffer from one or more types of addictive behaviors.
The Benefit of Numbing Your Emotions

Numbing your emotions is a temporary fix, eventually the pain will resurface and when it does, we tend to feel worse. We all have some emotions that we’re uncomfortable with. Life is hard and unpredictable. Numbing your emotions is sometimes easier than dealing with the reality of losing a loved one, managing a broken heart or simply just dealing with life’s daily challenges.

Escaping into an addictive behavior or simply disconnecting and shutting down gives you the illusion of being protected.

The Cost of Numbing Your Emotions

What we don’t realize is that you cannot be selective and decide which emotions to numb and which ones to get in touch with.

When we numb painful emotions, we also numb positive emotions.

Numbing your emotions means not only avoiding sadness, anger and fear; it also means avoiding joy and happiness!

Another cost of numbing your emotions is risking your health. More than twenty years’ experience with different healing modalities, especially Reiki, proved to me that when emotions are held for extended periods of time, it manifests as a physical symptom.

In other words, numbing your emotions makes your physical symptoms worse and dealing with your emotions contributes to your physical healing process.


Emotions Are Messengers

Emotions tell us that something needs our attention.

Instead of disconnecting, numbing and escaping, we must learn ways to balance, manage and deal with our emotions so we can stay emotionally fit and healthy.


The Alternative to Numbing Your Emotions

Throughout the years, my self-discovery process led me to a tested method that helped many of the women I work with – stop escaping into unhealthy behaviors and manage their emotions.

When going through an emotional roller-coaster, we must recognize the feeling, feel it, own it, accept it and move on.

If escape or running away is your method to deal with emotional pain and you know in your heart that you keep numbing instead of managing, this is a red flag. It is your sacred responsibility to take care of your health and well-being, so you can contribute to the world and be of service.

Life is short!

Life is short. We need to live it at full power and not escape it.

I’m going to host an in-depth, one-day event in Atlanta in January. If you’d like to get serious about radically transforming your life and bettering yourself with me as your mentor and your guide, this is just the event for you.

It will be limited to only five women — no exceptions.

It is a one-day, intensive workshop that will be held in Atlanta on January 12th from 9-6.
This can be your opportunity to create a turning point, so you can set the tone for a strong year of living, rather than escaping.

I will be happy to share all the details with you, including hotel accommodations.

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With love and light,

Michal Spiegelman

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