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New research reveals: The E-Factor is an indicator of success in work and in life

By Michal Spiegelman

Finding out my E-Factor? was a life-changing experience for me. At first, I was upset that the results showed that I have catabolic (negative) energy. My coach helped me realize, that most people have lots of catabolic energy due to past experiences. From that point on, the process of releasing that negative energy and creating a positive one has been very empowering.

Working with the E-Factor helps to understand your potential and the path to success. I know this from using it with my clients but I didn’t know how powerful it is, until this week, when iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) announced the results of groundbreaking new research that confirms something that I’ve known all along — the E-Factor, the combined numerical value of a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy, measured by the Energy Leadership??Index assessment , is, in fact, tied to an individual’s level of satisfaction in work and in life.

So what’s the E-Factor?

The E-factor is an indicator of success, it’s a numerical value (between 0 and 7) that is determined using an online assessment – The Energy Leadership Index assessment.

The assessment is based on the Energetic Self Perception chart which delineates seven consciousness, with the first two levels being catabolic (destructive, draining, de-motivating, or contracting) and the next five being anabolic (constructive, rejuvenating, self-motivating, or expanding). The Energy Leadership Index assessment quantifies the way in which an individual perceives and approaches work and life, and reacts to different circumstances and experiences. The result produces a combined numerical value of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy ? the E-Factor ? that indicates the person’s overall level of consciousness.

The study reveals that relative to individuals with low anabolic energy (E-Factor < 2.5), individuals with high anabolic energy (E-Factor > 4) are 3.4 times as likely to be satisfied with their engagement at work, 7.5 times with their financial success and 2.9 times with their work/life balance. They are also more than 20 times as likely to be satisfied with their level of energy which is a key factor for success.

So, why is this news so important, and the study so significant?

Because we are excited to see evidence of the effectiveness of the work we do daily with our clients. Using a coaching process that was specifically designed to enable individuals to shift their energy from the catabolic range to the anabolic range we are helping our clients to be more engaged and satisfied. This shift has been documented in thousands of case studies and testimonials and I have personally witnessed my clients shifting their energy levels and gaining more success.

What’s your E-Factor?

Find out your own E-Factor. Take the 20-min online Balance Assessment.

To read the press release, and to?download the research report in its entirety, go to?

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