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You keep working hard on your personal growth, and you love it,
But there are times when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your days are filled with conversations, interactions, and connection,
But you still have your moments of feeling isolated and lonely.

You want to slow down, be present, enjoy the moment,
But life speeds up, and you’re always on to the next thing.

You are a beacon of change and have come so far,
So why does it feel like there is still so much work to do?

You know that you are meant to shine in a bigger way,
And yet, your light feels so dim, dull, and gloomy.

You are happy to take care of the people around you,
But you wonder if somebody else will ever take care of you.

You want to feel better about life. You really do.
So why is it so hard for you to simply be happy?

Know this simple truth:
Even when it doesn’t feel that way,
You are loved, you are guided, you are supported.

In your core, you are a wise woman with unique inner strengths,
And you can tap into wisdom and reconnect with your power.
Trust me. You can!

If this message sparks a sense of optimism and peace,
Know that you are meant to be your own guiding light.
Ask for guidance: “Show me what to do,” and then pause and listen.
Your inner goddess will speak up–if you seek her.
She’ll remind you who you really are, and she’ll love you unconditionally.
She’ll offer you a loving hand and give you the gift of direction.

There is only one thing you need to do now to accept her gift:
Get into a perceptive mode.
Breathe. Open your heart. Extend your arms.
Let the light in.
Thank you for allowing me to serve as your beacon,

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