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The Beacons of Change Manifesto

There is one thing I want you to know before you read the manifesto:
It is the result of a deep process of exploration, and I chose each word with care and intention.

As you read, take time to pause and feel the words in your heart.
Download and post it somewhere you will see it often.
Share it with other women who are also meant to shine.

It is time for women to step up our game and align with our values.
Together we can change the world simply by doing our part: living at full power.

Beacons of Change Manifesto
We know that healing together outshines healing alone.
We are committed to turning challenges into opportunities, bringing purpose to pain, & living outside of our comfort zone.
Instead of letting the
winds of change pull us off course, we create our own turning points, & direct our own destinies.
We balance doing and being, giving and receiving,
We are devoted
to radical self-care
and to joy.
We resist being invisible.
We resist hiding in the back.
We resist staying small.

We embrace our imperfections,
our failures, & our humanness.

And when we fall,
we always choose to rise!
We rise to shine our light and to live as a guide for others.
We are the Beacons of Change.

Get a copy of the Manifesto

Get a colorful copy of the manifesto that you can download and print. (Via email)