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With all the benefits of technology (and there are many!), the world has never been so connected.

We wake up in the morning and grab our phones. Social media, emails, and FOMO (fear of missing out) take priority over morning routines. It usually looks like this: First, you connect with the world around you, and then, if you have any time left after losing yourself on Instagram or Facebook, you take some time to connect internally.

I admit that I often connect with the women on my Beacons of Change Facebook group before diving into my daily self-Reiki and meditation practice. But on the days when I prioritize creating my own spiritual connection before checking in with the rest of the world, I feel more connected, centered, and grounded.

Recently, during one of our Beacons of Change Inner Circle weekly calls, we explored powerful ways to find and deepen our spiritual connection.

Seven Ways to Find a Spiritual Connection

1. Practicing spiritual values such as love, compassion, and forgiveness
Spiritual connection is not about what religion we call ourselves. For me, living a spiritual life means being intentional about practicing love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and kindness. When we feel hatred, resentment, anger, or fear, we can choose to shift instead to practicing our spiritual values.

2. Maintaining a connection with something bigger than yourself
How many times have you just done a task yourself because it was faster than trying to explain it to somebody else? As women, we often take on too much responsibility, causing tension to build up in our lives. Every time you take a deep breath and release some of that burden, you create a deeper spiritual connection. You don’t have to be a religious person to connect with a bigger force, whether that force for you is God, the universe, your Higher Power, or even nature.

3. Approaching challenges with universal and spiritual wisdom
You are human and imperfect (and I am too!), and there are times when we make mistakes. The most painful experience can be turned into an opportunity when you look for the spiritual lesson: What is it that this (challenge, pain, struggle) is here to teach me?

4. Becoming a participant and an observer at the same time
With the pressures of time and endless to-do-lists, we lack opportunities to step back, observe our situation more objectively, and get a better perspective. One of the most effective spiritual practices I use is to stop the ?doing,? connect with my body, close my eyes, and visualize my current situation as if it was a movie I was watching on a big screen in a theater. This simple practice allows you to become an observer in your life, rather than only a participant.

5. Belonging to a Soul Tribe
Staying on a spiritual path alone is hard. Your soul needs to be fed, nurtured, and loved. You need a consistent flow of inspiration and wisdom from others who share your experience. One example of such a group is a growing community of women who are working with me?and with each other?to deepen their spiritual connection: the Beacons of Change Inner Circle. Beloved, I am not trying to sell you anything! I am inviting you to join your Soul Tribe.

6. Devoting time every day to keeping that spiritual connection
There is no doubt in my mind that developing and maintaining a daily practice will help to deepen your spiritual connection. I have been giving Reiki to myself while meditating for 15 minutes every morning since 1996. There are women in our community who practice yoga every day. If yoga and meditation are not your thing, reading spiritual inspirations or spending time in nature might work better for you. Take some time to think about and design a daily practice. If you need help figuring out what it should look like, reach out to me, and I?ll help you.

7. Loving your Inner Goddess
One of the favorite practices of the women in the Beacons of Change sisterhood is Loving your Inner Goddess. Your inner goddess is the divine, feminine energy within you. She loves pleasure. She is sensual. She lives in sanctuaries. She loves candles, flowers, and rituals. She’s intuitive. She’s free. She’s confident, playful, and fun. She is ready to be unleashed. Getting in touch with your inner goddess is a beautiful way to deepen your spiritual connection.

Spirituality does not happen only inside religious buildings and institutions. Spirituality is about feeling alive and vibrant, rooted and connected to something bigger than yourself.

Which one of the seven tools are you planning to bring into your spiritual practice?

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