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It happened a few days ago. I saw a post on Facebook. I took a screenshot and impulsively texted it to my friend.

If I had given it some thought before pressing the ?send? button, I would have realized that sending this text message to my friend would make her feel bad by bringing her back to something she would rather not reconnect with.

It’s not typical of me to gossip. It’s not like me to make other people feel bad, and yet, I did.

I sent another text right away, apologizing and saying that I had acted impulsively and regretted sending the message. My friend replied and asked me not to send messages like that anymore.

The whole day, I obsessed about what I had done, being really hard on myself and feeling disappointed in my actions. I took my self-blame and guilt with me to bed that night and couldn’t sleep. The next morning, I called my friend and apologized again. But I still couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I decided it was time to look for the spiritual lessons. I turned to the Downshift/Upshift Model, identified my Inner Critic, connected with my Inner Goddess, and received the spiritual message and the real opportunity: It was time to practice self-love and forgiveness, to shift from impulsive to poised.

You see, beloved, the terms I have used (Downshift/Upshift Model, Inner Critic, Inner Goddess) might mean nothing to you. They probably sound like jargon. But these terms represent a few of the most powerful tools and strategies that I have shared with countless women. These tools have been proven again and again to rescue women in difficult times and help them shift to love, improve their relationships, and upgrade their level of connection with themselves and others.

Most of the time, I maintain a good spiritual connection. I am fully in touch with my true self. I recognize my gifts and inner strengths. I love myself. Most of the time. Not always. When I don’t, I rely on the solid foundation I have built for myself and the tools I know I can always trust to help me bounce back and grow even more.

Beloved, ask yourself these questions:

  • How are you doing with loving and forgiving yourself?
  • How solid is your spiritual foundation?
  • How quickly do you take your power back after giving it away to guilt, self-judgment, and disappointment?

Isn’t it time for you to reclaim your power and find a way to integrate all the tools that you have learned into simple solutions that actually work?

I created the Living at Full Power VIP Day experience to help women like you get the clarity and direction they are looking for.

The VIP Day is a priceless gift for yourself if you want to find your new purpose, reclaim your power, get unstuck, or rediscover the path you have lost.

There is a special magic that happens every single time I take women through this full day of in-depth work.

Each woman gets clear with her path. She understands her direction.

She breaks through her internal blocks.

She turns things around, and she ends the day feeling reconnected with her purpose, her spirituality, and her inner gifts.

Is it time, beloved? Is it time to let go and break through whatever is stopping you from living a meaningful life? Is it time to change your reality?

Did you get a ?YES??

You’re lucky. Here’s why:

I am running a special right now, and you can join me for the next Living at Full Power VIP Day in Atlanta or New York City for a discounted price.

The results of this one day of deep work surprise me every single time. The format and flow of the day, and the Beacons of Change method help each woman who walks into the hotel feeling unsure about herself to walk out feeling fully in touch with her power.

I hope to see you at the VIP Day in Atlanta or New York soon!


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