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How to practice mindfulness and beat holiday stress

By Michal Spiegelman

The holidays are a busy and stressful time for many people. Stress is in the air, and it’s contagious. You might think you’re OK until a friend asks you: ?are you done with all the gift shopping??, or your mother-in-law asks ?have you started to prepare the house??

The result: you pick up other people’s stress and own it!

The solution is simple and it has to do with mindfulness. I?ll show you how to practice mindfulness. I think you’ll see an immediate improvement in your holiday stress level.

Create time for yourself every day. Make it a priority to do something every day to get centered, to be in the moment. I recommend doing it in the morning, if you can, because ?how you start your day is how you live your day? (Louise Hay). If morning doesn’t work for you, do it later but be consistent.

Here are 2 fun centering activities. Choose the first one if you enjoy imagining and dreaming. Choose the second one if you prefer writing and reading.

First centering technique ? visualization

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing and allow your body to relax. Enjoy your breath for a few minutes before you move forward. When you’re ready, visualize yourself sitting on the ground in a beautiful place in nature. You feel grounded and supported by mother earth, the blue skies and the sun. Allow nature to energize you. Imagine a translucent circle around you and think ?peace? while you imagine the circle. Place outside the circle any people or situations that are causing stress in your life. Inside the circle it’s only you, nature and peace. Take your time and open your eyes when you’re ready.

Use this exercise every day at least once a day and remember to create the circle every time you need peace. Throughout the day, you can dooddle circles and the word ?peace? to remind yourself that you can create a feeling of peace whenever you choose.

Second centering technique – affirmations

Choose your favorite affirmations from the list below. Simply say each affirmation out loud and notice which ones make you feel empowered when you say it. Tweak the affirmations if needed to make it your own. Write them on an index card, on your bathroom mirror, on your smart phone, on your computer. Have it in your space. Say it, read it, and write it many times throughout the day.

?Take a break from holiday stress? Affirmations:

I make time for me and I’m centered, grounded and in control.

I’m OK no matter what is going on around me

I relax into the flow on life

I inhale love, I exhale fear

I slow down and enjoy every moment

I set realistic expectations and I’m being gentle with myself

I am loved, I am guided, I’m supported.

No matter what happens today I can handle it.

I pause, I breathe, I smile.

I choose balance over stress

Write a comment and let us know if you have any other suggestions for practicing mindfulness, or how you’re coping with holiday stress!



Meet Michal
Michal Spiegelman

Michal Spiegelman is Medical Intuitive who helps women get to the root source behind disease, disharmony, imbalance, stress, and trauma-related conditions.

Having studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the U.S., Michal is a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and a former social worker who brings years of experience working with a variety of modalities into her intuitive teachings, coaching and mentoring.

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