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How Reiki helped Anne shed emotions and relationships

By Michal Spiegelman

Today’s blog is different than usual. I’m turning the mic over to Anne, a student who recently became a Reiki Master, to share her personal Reiki journey. When Anne took her first Reiki class with us, she wasn’t “wowed.” While many people leave the beginner’s class excited and blown away by the potential Reiki holds for their lives, Anne had doubts. Within a few days, her suppressed emotions began bubbling up. As she continued her daily self-Reiki practice, she encountered layers of deep healing. It was not until a few months later that she realized that Reiki had helped her shed emotions and relationships that didn’t serve her anymore. Gradually, she became confident, passionate, and a lot more visible as an artist and a healer. Here is Anne’s story, as she wrote it:

Anne’s Reiki Journey

One of my first experiences with the enormous impact that energy has on our lives was at a group meditation session. The facilitators said that they had to spend a lot of time clearing out the energy in my throat chakra. They asked if there was something I had been needing to say to someone in my life but hadn’t felt free to express. In fact, there was a very important message that I felt unable to share with my then-boyfriend. I also had a sore throat around that time. After the healing session, I finally had the conviction to speak up.

I have been holding healing spaces for years, incorporating yoga, dance, meditation, conversation, herbs, affirmations, and compassion into my personal and professional life. Over the past several years, signs began emerging, leading me in the direction of learning how to use my hands to heal myself and others.

In November 2018, I took the plunge and attended a Reiki level one class with Michal. After being initiated to channel Reiki through my body in the process known as attunement, I began to give Reiki to myself daily, to others in my life, and to food, animals, and more. A few months later, I completed my level two training, where I was attuned to send Reiki across geographic distance, as well as into the past and future. In May 2019, I became a Reiki Master. I am now capable of attuning others to become Reiki practitioners.    

For me, Reiki has been a journey of faith—showing up, trusting the process, and releasing expectations for the outcome. I entered my Reiki path with some heavy burdens on my heart. I felt caught in a cycle of injury, illness, inhibited self-expression, pressure, and barriers to doing many of the things that are so important to me. After I was attuned in level one, my back pain initially got worse. I had some emotional meltdowns. It was all part of the process of energetic detoxing and shedding things that weren’t serving me. Gradually, my back became healthier, and I regained much of my mobility. I got back into dance classes and capoeira. I invested a lot of energy into building my brand. I accepted a full-time job. I connected with wonderful physical therapists who helped me to heal multiple areas of my body and to have hope. I had the chance to be brave and speak my truth in intimate situations.

The level two attunement coincided with opportunities to establish boundaries, embrace my sexual empowerment, shed relationships that were no longer aligned with my path, and heal other ones. Over the next few months, in some cases, my agitation increased as suppressed emotions bubbled up, but I didn’t quite feel ready to speak about them. In other cases, I was able to initiate conversations that led to overcoming relationship obstacles. In all cases, the Reiki helped clarify that I had to address these issues in order to move forward, that I could not push them aside any longer.

As I approached the master level class, the next layer of healing and release with some of my relationships started to unfold. I had a difficult but necessary conversation with someone in my home. I finally wrote to a past lover who I had felt abused by. I left the master class feeling the conviction, confidence, and passion to share Reiki as much as possible, in spite of my own limitations. I believe that the attunement and the class helped clear out some of my mental blockages and allowed me to connect more deeply with this part of my path.       

After I became a Reiki Master, I released some of the jealousy, envy, comparison, and grief that had bubbled up during the level two detox. I was finally able to vocalize my experience to the friend around whom I had those feelings, and it was so healing for us both. My heart opened more. I shed tears. I left the conversation feeling relieved of a huge burden and closer to my friend.

Doors continue to open. A family member I have never had a close relationship with unexpectedly requested a session. I have shared Reiki with colleagues, friends, roommates, my yoga students, neighbors, strangers, the spaces I enter, and the creatures I interact with. It is so fulfilling to serve as a vessel for others who need support, and I love that I can simply show up and be open, intentional, and willing to let the Reiki flow through me. While I first experienced a lot of doubt along my Reiki path, the more I reflect on my journey, the more I am able to see the many ways in which Reiki has cleared space and propelled me forward to live my best life.


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