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Reduce your stress by creating your ?blooming? moment

stress reduction | Balanced MomentsEvery morning right after having breakfast, I create my ?blooming? moment when I stand on my porch and water 4 plants I bought few months ago for $15 each. Ideally, I would make a vegetable garden in my yard. Gardening is such a grounding activity and maybe one day I will. But for now, these are my ?blooming? moments : watering my plants in the morning, when the universe is waking up, the air is clean and fresh, and my red, orange, yellow and magenta flowers are uplifting my spirit.

No matter how crazy my day gets, no matter what happens later, I bloom, every morning, for about 5 minutes and I feel connected to how I really want to feel before I start my day.

It’s a good idea to use the power of imagination to connect to your true feelings.

Imagine yourself standing outside in nature with your arms wide open, watching the sunset, feeling present, humble and grateful, and appreciating the miracle of life.

How do you really want to feel?

  • Close your eyes and imagine yourself feeling the way you really want to feel.
  • Maybe you want to feel free, light and open.
  • Or maybe energized, warm and connected is how you want to feel.

When you allow yourself to feel the way you want, it makes you bloom.

It makes you centered. You feel in peace and you find balance.

You probably say to yourself: ?yes, but?? or ?do you really think I can do it when???

I hear you and I know it sounds impossible sometime, especially when life’s demands take their toll, but if you allow yourself to bloom, the way you feel will expand and magnify and will have a ripple effect ? feeling free will lead to feeling centered and people around you will feel calmer and more at ease.

There two ways to reduce your stress level. Which one would you choose?

  • Identify what makes you stressful and deal with the cause.
  • Give your energy to the other direction: to the potential, the way we can feel, the way we want to feel if we ignore the stress.

Ask yourself this question: when I wake up in the morning, what do I want to feed?

The obstacles or the opportunities?

The fear or the hope?

The past or the present?

How about you?? How do you want to feel? What makes you bloom?

How can you create your ?blooming? moment today?