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This week I was angry. I was also frustrated with myself. It’s funny. Just a few days ago in my ?Manifest Your Vision? teleclass I took a group of wonderful women on a journey through our energy system. We discussed how our thinking creates feelings and behaviors. Despite all that, here I am dwelling in negativity.

Our body is an energetic system, affected by our thoughts and actions. The body’s natural tendency is to maintain the energy within the anabolic (healthy, constructive, healing) range. Negative thoughts are catabolic (unhealthy, negative, destructive) and disrupt the energetic flow. All thoughts have energetic consequences.

This week I faced the consequences of catabolic energy.

I was frustrated, disappointed and unhappy. The negativity perpetuated itself.

Once I became aware of the negativity, I knew to start by accepting it ? allowing myself to be in that state. I made a decision to be more active this week, so I took long walks and exercised more at the gym. I could feel the energy moving and shifting. At the same time, I did what I always do ? I meditated. At first, I did not get any relief. The message I heard was ?You are exactly where you suppose to be?. After meditating for a few days, my intuition was telling me to reach out for support. I called my dear friend Claudia Ritarossi, a wonderful healer and coach. Claudia reminded me of things I already knew but had forgotten to apply this week.

Claudia told me to imagine the anger as a bowl of fire: ?This fire that you have within you, transform it into positive energy to help you move forward in your path.? Claudia said that passion is the other side of anger: that it can make us motivated, and enthusiastic to overcome the fear to move forward.

Reaching out to Claudia reminded me that we are all human and we all need to be reminded of this every once in a while. She showed me that that my personal struggles help me relate to my coaching clients, but also that I can use the same tools and techniques I use with my clients on myself!

My anger is also my passion. It’s a gift as long I don’t get stuck in it.

I feel empowered, positive, centered and passionate.

Today, I make a choice to see my ?bowl of fire? as my passion.

What about you? What ?negative? emotions do you have that might serve you?