I take notes the old-fashioned way. When I meet with the women I coach, I love the simplicity of writing with a pen and paper as they tell me their stories. I keep paper folders for each client.

The other day I had a closing session with a woman I have been mentoring for six months. She got very emotional describing how much better her life is now than it was six months ago (which is not surprising because she was unhappy in her marriage for a long, long time, and now she’s enjoying a loving, exciting relationship with the very same man!)

While flipping through her folder, I found my notes from our first session, the number 12 written in Sharpie and 12 phrases highlighted in yellow. I held up the page for her to see over our video call.

She laughed and said she couldn’t believe she had said that.

In our 30-minute introductory session, she had said 12 different times to me phrases such as:

  • I have such a long way to go.
  • I know it will take time.
  • I have to work harder.
  • I’m sure that it’s going to be a long and painful process.

She came to work with me because she was unhappy with her marriage. She said that it was not going to work unless her husband did his part. And 12 times during our first conversation she affirmed that she was ready for the healing to be a long, painful experience.

To her surprise, it wasn’t.

Fixing her marriage became easier once she shifted her focus from her husband and the seemingly difficult process ahead to making herself happy in the moment and bringing joy to her life.

In that final session, as we looked at how far she had come, she told me that her marriage had improved by itself once she released her assumptions, changed her attitude, and practiced the skills she was learning in order to show up in her relationship in a new way.

Here’s the thing, beloved:

Healing your emotional pain does not have to be a long and painful process.

Assuming that your healing will take a long time can become your barrier to success.

Just because the ?downshift? was painful and long does not mean that the ?upshift? will be too.

It is my passion (and I love the challenge) to work with women who have almost given up hope. I use my intuition and my coaching skills of twenty years to help you hold a mirror really close to your face and create the change you thought would take so long to happen.

If you are ready to jumpstart your ?upshift? and to challenge the assumption that ?it will take a long time to get there,? let’s start with one session.

You will receive clarity, direction, and guidance from me and your own inner wisdom. If you are fully in?NO RESISTANCE?you will probably experience a breakthrough.

Click here to get to my calendar and fill up one of the spots I’ve freed for my Valentine’s Day Special.

Let the transformation begin!

Much love,


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